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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Lost_In_The_Sauce, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. it can never be said with a straight face that the stock market's health has any bearing on the actual economic health of a country
  2. Elon interviewed the CEO of said brokerage on a livestream tonight(yeah we are in weird times) and a lot of it is making sense in retrospect. Basically they got asked to put up a bunch in collateral due to the volatility of these stocks and weren't prepared for it.
  3. I mean, at the end of the day, I don't blame either side (except for the app restrictions... more on that in a second). Hedge funds have been doing this for decades, and there's a group of millennials who did it back to them.

    At the end of the day, its just a short-term pat on the back. Its not sustainable. A lot of these "young investors" don't know when to get in or out, and they'll hold the stock too long, it'll go belly-up, and that'll be that. Hedge funds can sustain losses longer than millennials can sustain success.

    A company like GameStop actually has "some" value. It shouldn't go bankrupt from this. It's value is certainly declining, and its declining, due in most part, to change in consumer preferences, i.e. millennials, which is the ultimate irony of this whole play. They're propping up a stock that they helped drive into the ground.
    But a company like AMC has no value and should go to zero. They'll essentially have no revenue of any kind for like 18 months. This is just delaying the inevitable for them.

    As far as apps like RobinHood goes, they're fucked. Biggest long term mistake they can make is to restrict buying access. Its one thing for them to halt all trades on the stock, period. SEC is probably only days away from that happening to begin with. But to halt buying while still allowing selling is a travesty, and that app will get decimated in the long run for it. They lost all trust with their userbase.
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  4. We made our own onion rings yesterday, and they turned out really good. I've been snacking on the leftovers all day now.
  5. My mom and my girlfriend are having their first solo girls night tonight. Help.
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  6. Ohhhh nooooo.......
  7. I downloaded Robinhood a few weeks ago before the crazy. Purchased Doge coin and proceeded to become unstoppable.

    to the MOON BOYZ
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  8. Solo girls night update: they had dinner reservations at 5 and didn't get leave until almost 11. They're friends. That might be scarier than being enemies.
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  9. F
  10. FA3F4B31-F231-4195-AB6A-ABE75C101F2D.png
    Facebook need to just chill tf out
  11. No tf they shouldn't lol.
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  12. News: accidents all around you, every roadway between you and your job is actively in accident cleanup mode, literally all of them, don’t drive.

    my boss: with the change in the forecast looking good we’re gonna decide to open up today.

    I literally can’t make it out of my town and onto a highway without navigating through an accident cleanup lmao, but yep all should be fine
  13. Is your boss aware of this?
  14. I made him aware when I called out 2 hours before he decided to shut down for the day lol. Won’t EVER see me risking my life for an employer who underpays me lol
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  15. You did the right thing. I called it quits and got back to the yard at 8 this morning. Only did 2 stops and backed everything else back 24 hrs. Some seriously bad conditions and some of the heaviest ass snow I've messed with in awhile let alone the ice.
  16. Yeah I just drove on 2 residential roads to hit a Taco Bell, 2 minute drive without leaving my neighborhood, sketchy af, it was an ice rink
  17. Did a 2 day run starting in cecil co then went to central NJ and finished in the southeastern part of NJ. The further north you go the better the roads even tho they got 5 inches more than around here but of course early morning it didn't matter cuz everything froze. Parking lots were hell.
  18. For all of my dudes in this forum, if you EVER are feeling down, you need a good laugh, or just wanting to see some good and wholesome content, bookmark this twitter account below. It is GOLD.


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