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Welcome to Baltimore: Jaylon Ferguson and Miles Boykin

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Lost_In_The_Sauce, Apr 26, 2019.

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  2. I mean Matt Skura is now penned in as the starting center next year because of those picks so I guess we just start developing Lamar as a passer year 3. Otherwise I kinda like both of them.
  3. I'll wait and see what happens with Ferguson. I like the Boykin pick. Unlike some other tall WRs we've taken in the past he actually looks like a WR on tape and not just a big athlete.

    Bozeman can be the center and there are plenty of interior guys left that can play guard.
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  4. It's like Bradley Bozeman just doesn't exist, jfc dude.
  5. someone, please, give me tangible evidence that doesnt mention a total sack number, i mean a good game of film, gifs, videos, as to why i should not think jaylon ferguson is a fucking meme of a pick. change my mind. convince me that ive been wrong all along. i want to change my mind, im an optimist with the ravens, and if this guy doesnt look like an absolute bust ill change my mind on him, so point me in the right direction, please.

    (disclaimer: ive watched a shitload of jaylon ferguson and have never once felt like he is anything beyond a fourth option at DE, i highly doubt anyone can change my mind, but please, try)
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  6. a day 2 draft pick may be enough investment to pressure harbaugh to make a fucking change. bozeman was a 6th, no pressure there, ride the hearts of lions til the wheels fall of
  7. I believe in him but will Harb really bench his lion hearted center for a 6th round pick
  8. @JoeyFlex5
    So, I've gone back and watched Ferguson. There are things I like vs. LSU. Things to be optimistic about so far as his development. But I walked away realizing that there is little doubt the he is developmental. And I see nothing so far as any one pass rush characteristic I see as s something that I KNOW will transfer. In fact, I have my doubts that anything I see him do in college will translate without significant work.

    I'm not sure where he plays? He doesn't seem to be able to cover, thats for sure. He seems stiff in space. When I stopped to think about Joe Jackson, there is nothing Ferguson does that Jackson doesn't do better. And he is far less developmental, plays with greater effort, etc.

    Its possible they have a plan for him. Its very very possible that Im wrong and I hope that I am but. right now I don't think that I am....I'm open to being convinced otherwise.
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  9. I never thought I'd see the day where the Ravens draft a big possession WR with good hands, contested grab ability, and route running ability with athletic upside to get better to see everyone lose their shit
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  10. I actually like Ferguson. I'm not in love with the pick, in fact he's got his issues. But I had a mid second grade on him. My problem with him after watching a shitload of his tape is the inconsistency. His good tape isn't just good, it's dominant, but the bad tape is as horrid as you come. There are games where he's stiff, then games where he displays hand swipes, counters, and an absolutely destructive bull rush.

    Ferguson is a developmental pick, but I think he's further along than Bowser and Correa were when we drafted them(and frankly, that's not debatable. He is), and it'll be up to the coaching staff.

    I like the upside, and in the mid-third round, you could use that.
  11. Watch his LSU tape.
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  12. Boykin.. Different animal. The trade was questionable at first until you realize that it's two sixth rounders. Highly unlikely we miss on anything too major. Boykin getting compared to Waller is fucking lazy as shit. Boykin is a reverse. Good hands and contested grab ability with solid route running ability. Speed not shown and tape suggests that he's more of a possesion guy. But when running in a straight line, he can get open and burn people. He's not horribly misused, and his one year he was given a chance was a very good chance.

    His tape suggests a safe, if unspectacular pick from the get go that starts for you, does his job, and keeps the offense on schedule. The combine suggests he has a lot of room to grow. I think that's why he went ahead of Butler(who was always overrated, told ya so), and Harmon, who may be safer but imo doesn't have the same upside.

    I would've taken Riley Ridley over him though, or an interior OL. The act of trading up for him is more my issue, not the cost. I don't think the cost is the issue, he probably would've been there had we waited.
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  13. Difference is - Ferguson will get to work from day one and keep improving.
    We got ourselves a steal of this draft.
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  14. I wonder if they want him to add about ten pounds and be a pass rushing 3-4 DE.
  15. The potential is clearly there. Could he bust? Sure? Anyone can.

    But I don’t think he’s a stiff as Joey says and I think he actually has pass rushing moves. He needs tweaking certainly, but it’s just another meltdown
  16. Tell me how Ferguson is not another jarvis jones? That's who i see in college.
    Just not athletic enough. Good hands and knows moves but he doesn't have that explosion or bend.
  17. tyus bowser simply isnt a football player either.
  18. Big fan of these picks

    Jaylon ferguson had been the highest player on my board since Jawaan Taylor got picked early in the 2nd
  19. why? How is he ANY different to Jarvis Jones in college?

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