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Calling all armchair GMs

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by redrum52, May 1, 2019.

  1. Adreme

    Adreme MVP

    I like how this thread is supposed to be a humble thread where people admit their missed calls, but by page 2 its already people talking about all the players they called and all the misses they said to avoid.
  2. SepticeyePoe

    SepticeyePoe Ravens Ring of Honor

    Page 2:

  3. Deebo813

    Deebo813 Ravens Ring of Honor

    Budda baker
    Sydney jones
    Eric ebron? Decent but i thought he was gonna be great
    Tyrann mathue.had like 2 good seasons. Sucks now
    Armani watts
  4. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    The problem is that every time an argument breaks out on any kind of player evaluation, someone has to reach for one prospect you missed badly on and throw it in your face. Need reminders that we all hit and miss plenty lol.

    This is why the pound the table thread is necessary and should be bookmarked and everyone should participate.
  5. Deebo813

    Deebo813 Ravens Ring of Honor

    a few of my greatest hits:
    richard sherman
    Baker( had him as the best qb from the start when most were saying rosen and darnold)
  6. RavensMania

    RavensMania Staff Member Administrator

    Appreciate the condolences. She was an amazing women with kindness inside and out, I'm happy to be able to have called her mom for almost 53 years. She's had this dreadful disease for 10 years and although it progressively got worst throughout the years, she was still good enough to travel until the end of 2014. It was sometime around 2016 that she lost al of her ability to talk. I have two older sisters and not of us are sure when she forgot who we were. She would recognize us when we came into the house to visit, but didn't know us. She did however remember my dad's name until maybe the final year. They were married 1 month shy of 66 years. The love that they had for one another isn't found very often.

    Thanks again
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  7. Willbacker

    Willbacker Pro Bowler

    I had Baker as my #1 too. Call me crazy but I consider McSorley is cut from the same cloth.
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  8. allblackraven

    allblackraven Ravens Ring of Honor

    Little did you two know that we have the best one of them all on the team!
  9. Willbacker

    Willbacker Pro Bowler

    Believe it or not he was my #2.
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  10. allblackraven

    allblackraven Ravens Ring of Honor

    Yeah, Baker's probably little better. Hard to compare though.
  11. Willbacker

    Willbacker Pro Bowler

    Baker is more accurate but yeah their tangibles are so different. It comes down to what you want from your offense.
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  12. allblackraven

    allblackraven Ravens Ring of Honor

    They both could not end up with teams better suited for their game and mental make up. Matches made in heaven.
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  13. Deebo813

    Deebo813 Ravens Ring of Honor

    Havent check him out.. gonna look into him
  14. Same cloth different tailors!!
    Baker has a fashion designer tailoring his cloth and Trace might have the local seamstress tailoring his!
  15. Lost_In_The_Sauce

    Lost_In_The_Sauce Staff Member Administrator Writer Banned

    More like Trace is tailored by a homeless crackhead
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  16. Willbacker

    Willbacker Pro Bowler

    Sometimes the local beats the shit out of the fancy schmancy.

    Come on at least give the crackhead an apartment.
  17. flynismo

    flynismo Practice Squad

    Oh yes, indeed. I didn't think Evans would go that quickly only because, for God knows what reason, so many people thought that Manziel made Evans look better than he was. Remember having those arguments on the old board too lol.
    One can only imagine how Evans' stats would look today if he was drafted by a team with a real QB. Doesn't even have to be one of the elites, just a good starter, like a Luck or Russell Wilson kind of guy.
  18. flynismo

    flynismo Practice Squad

    Sorry to hear that RM. Hope you and the family are doing okay.
  19. flynismo

    flynismo Practice Squad

    Although I wasn't advocating for him in the 1st; I liked him a lot more at the back of round 2, I was stoked that we drafted Perriman. I thought he was going to be a faster Torrey Smith. Unfortunately, I was right :lol:

    My big miss that everyone throws in my face was Mike Adams. I had just got done bragging about my draft busts article on B/R
    And then ranted on for months about how great Adams is going to be....hell, he even looks like Ogden! So I pissed everyone off and when Adams shit the bed, well, I paid for my trolling.

    And holy hell Batman. Can we get some emojis from this century?

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