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Pass rush

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Edgar, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Edgar

    Edgar MVP

    It's time for a new thread.

    I'm really liking the idea of having both McPhee and Ferguson as ends with Pierce (mack?) at 0/1. The two are really adept from either side and McPhee is great inside and out. Hopefully this might apply to Ferguson as well.

    Those three with Tim/Judon/Ray off the edge
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  2. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    I like Mack at the 1 in situations like this, because his first step is dangerous
  3. Willbacker

    Willbacker Pro Bowler

    Ray is gonna be interesting to watch. All I know is he was a high draft pick so hopefully our defensive philosophies brings out the best from him. Something tells me Willie Henry is also gonna be a force from the 3 tech. Willis could also surprize here.
  4. Edgar

    Edgar MVP

    Don't know why I always forget Willie Henry
  5. RaineV1

    RaineV1 Pro Bowler

    Because he's been injured a lot.
  6. rossihunter2

    rossihunter2 Staff Member Moderator

    Because he’s basically only played one season for us lol
  7. Edgar

    Edgar MVP

    Yup. I reckon you're both right!
  8. Edgar

    Edgar MVP

    I'm not giving up on Bowser just yet. Even if he is only decent as a pass rush guy, he offers so much in man coverage
  9. gtalk12

    gtalk12 Pro Bowler

    I have very HIGH expectations for Willis.
  10. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    He may be a better pass rusher than we give him credit for. Watch the regular season game vs the chargers and keep an eye on him
  11. Willbacker

    Willbacker Pro Bowler

    I heard he was a day 2 candidate and how he fell to being undrafted is a headscratcher. Maybe medicals or bad interviews. Is preseason or even just training camp here yet lol.
  12. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    He was a pretty unanimous third rounder, but he did get in a fight and got put off the team a while back before transferring to Miami so he did have character red flags
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  13. Edgar

    Edgar MVP

    Let me know what you're seeing. He still looks unnatural as all get out stringing anything together.
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  14. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    I haven’t watched that much of Gerald Willis, I was just going off of what I was seeing on projections, lots of third round projections for him.
  15. Edgar

    Edgar MVP

    Im just speculating bit I'm guessing it was something we haven't heard about. Mike Zimmer passed on him three times in the sixth round. Something about that is very odd.
  16. Edgar

    Edgar MVP

    sorry...I meant Bowser vs. Chargers
  17. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer

    Oh damn I didn’t read the quote I forgot I posted that lol.

    At one point later in the game he was inches from being a game wrecker. I posted something a while back with some notes(but no exact time stamps unfortunately) he was wrecking the blocker in front of him seemingly every snap and getting within inches of rivers, he caused Brent Urbans sack by putting the tackle right in rivers lap and causing him to panic(and would’ve gotten the sack over urban had he not gotten held terribly) and was just stringing snaps together.

    I’ll try to find the post
  18. JoeyFlex5

    JoeyFlex5 Hall of Famer


    But I’ll agree he looks unnatural on pass rush moves, his timing is way off, and that may have been the difference on all of these plays between a near-sack and an easy sack. He needs to time his swipes and punches a lot better.
  19. redrum52

    redrum52 Ravens Ring of Honor

    Pretty sure character concerns were his problem. Besides that, I think everyone thought he was talented. I was shocked we took him considering the choir boy approach we seemed to have towards drafting after Rice. Don't quote me on this, but think he beat up Marty's kid in college over sneakers... or something along those lines. Happy to have him here and hope he makes the most if it.

    On topic. Need to start using guys to their strength instead of shelving them. I feel like we've held Bowser and Williams back by trying to turn them into pieces they're not. Finally seems Harbaugh is starting to realize this, though, it seems more forced in certain spots due to players leaving.

    Even with those guys gone, we struggled generating a continuous pass rush. I really don't think we get much worse considering the secondary play as well. Henry being back should be a big help on the interior with McPhee. Timmy should be an improvement on the edge over Smith and I dont care what people think.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
  20. RavensMania

    RavensMania Staff Member Administrator

    could be the reason we signed him. In all truth though, we wouldn't have drafted Timmy Williams if we had such a choir boy mentality.
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