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Training Camp and the Preseason

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. with training camp around the corner - a thread for the upcoming practices and thoughts and discussion of the team during training camps and the rest of the offseason as we ramp up towards the regular season

    its coming soon... even though it feels like its miles away
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  2. great idea and I can't wait.

    and for you Rossi, it is miles away. 3,628 to be exact.
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  3. somehow it feels further
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  4. Please, let's have a healthy camp. So damn excited to see the rooks. Hope Skura's been hitting the juice, too. Haven't been this hype for a season in a while.
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  5. I hope the Ravens video/social media team produces better content. All we're watching are basically 2min highlights whereas other teams like the Cardinals, Colts or Browns produce 30min videos with great insight (without giving away their secrets)
  6. Just gonna come out and say it.

    Fuck you Matt Skura. Let’s hope we start someone else. Or find someone else
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  7. yeah it always frustrates me that even the 2min highlight vids mostly dont show anything beyond the release and then the ball in the air in slow motion for most of the clip before it lands somewhere - you never see the route or anything
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  8. Even Harris highlights learned his lesson and stopped doing that like a year ago, but the ravens team is just now starting with that shit smh
  9. the conditioning test strikes again:

    per Zrebiec:
    Ravens put 4 of their rookies in non-football injury list: Marquise Brown, Daylon Mack, Jaylon Ferguson and Jaylen Smith. Such a designation is usually reserved for players who were unable to take/pass conditioning test. UDFA G Patrick Mekari went on PUP list.

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  10. Turd's a bust I knew it...
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  11. Exactly
  12. What's going on with Mack? Ferguson is dealing with a hamstring issue, but I haven't heard anything about Mack.

    Also, I just hope they take their time with Hollywood and don't rush him back. A healthy Hollywood for the regular season means much more than having him participate in training camp and possibly suffering a setback.
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  13. I’m all for letting Hollywood get his rest, even into the preseason. If he starts week one, you know damn well Roman will get him the ball in a multitude of ways while he builds a rapport with Lamar. Or really, I’d be fine with him on gadget plays, slants and 9’s until he feels comfortable running the entire route tree. Let the kid get healed up to 100%.
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  14. I think Hollywood is unfortunately being overestimated by the fan base which could lead to disappointment.

    In my eyes he is a rookie WR drafted at the tail end of the 1st, if he has between 35-40 catches for 400-500 yards then he had a great season. Not good, great, but people are talking 1000 yards already and that's a lot to ask/expect from a rookie (which is odd because pre draft these boards had him as the 3rd-4th best WR in his class on average)
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  15. A lot of this board had brown far and away their top receiver. I personally didn’t because of injury and being ABs cousin and because I thought a big bodied receiver was a better fit(which I have changed my tune on). I don’t expect a 1000 yard season from him, I agree 500 yards would be a great start considering his injury and our offense.

    Regardless, I’m pissed we couldn’t do better on the OL. I would’ve loved to have seen us land a Phil Haynes or Nate Davis along with Darrell Henderson who was my RB1, I hope Boykin and Ferguson prove me wrong but I’m not thrilled with those picks
  16. Wont speak on Hollywood but I saw enough of Boykin because my boy is a ND fan. I think he might be our Andrews this year. He might shock people and become a fan favorite.
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  17. Iirc most of us had Hollywood in their top3/5. It was basically Deebo, D.K or in my case Butler. Rossi was I think the only one who had Hollywood at the top of their ranking.
    If Roman and Culley are capable of using him like Reid is with Hill, then we're in very comfortable position. Brees and Sean Payton mentioned in a Peter King story that Tyreek Hill is the most dangerous WR (in their case on the field).
  18. I had Samuel 1st and brown like 2nd.. didnt expect brown to come to us though so that automatically drops him to like 7th
  19. I think most of us, on these boards, would be happy with that kind of production for his first season. If people are thinking that he's going to top 1K yds as a rookie then they're drinking the purple kool-aid.
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  20. Idk if anyone would get 1000 yrds for us right now tbh. 500 yrds plus him opening up the offense for everything else would be nice though
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