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Miles Boykin - He Deserves His Own Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by JoeyFlex5, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. boykin was a man among boys at the open stadium practice. He was ripping off one big play after another, 7v7 and 11v11. He was against our starting defenders and running with the ones, he is SHARP and sudden on his breaks, he is a very secure catcher with vice grip hands. I was not a fan of the Boykin pick, but wow, he looked special out there tonight, frankly I’ll go so far to say that he and Lamar were the best players on the field and frankly they looked nearly unstoppable. He looked his way about 5 times and all of them were caught, 2 for long TDs, and the others were just impressive plays in general.

    This duo could be a terror if they keep it up.

    And yes, he was good enough that he deserves his own thread. Hopefully he continues this in the preseason and doesn’t make me look dumb
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  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on him. I can't wait to see them in August.
  3. Lamar needs a go to. Boykin could be his man.

    I'm thinking Snead,Boykin,Hollywood,Moore,Roberts and Wesley could be a seriously nice corps.
  4. Boykin wasn’t out there looking like a “go to” security blanket type, he looked like a well rounded weapon. If he got neck and neck with the cb down the sideline then it’s over, because he gets that uninterrupted stride and starts pulling away and he’s too damn big and long and strong to body up with.

    Then when he did have his go-to moments, he looked way sharper than I expected, he is too big to be as sudden as he is, he’s got that hard lean and always looks like he’s gonna burn downfield but then he just plants and cuts sharp as shit and leaves dbs running the wrong way. Shields with his body well in traffic too.

    We might have a special one
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  5. DeCosta comes off brilliant if Brown and Boykin kill.
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  6. Like I’ve been saying, Boykin looked special, if he plays like this in game action he’s a #1. Looked kinda Andre Johnson like except with a little less acceleration
  7. The scary part is, Brown has the ability to be even better than Boykin. The two of them with Andrew's and Hurst in the middle. Too bad it took this long to finally have young weapons on offense.
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  8. Is this going to be the second draft in a row where the Ravens take the same position in the 1st and 3rd round and its the 3rd round pick that looks like a superstar?
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  9. if that happens who cares lol...
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  10. especially if the 1st round pick is good also!
  11. All of Ravens Reddit is similarly hyped about Boykin. Unless that's you as well @JoeyFlex5 ?
  12. I don’t even post on reddit lol

    Folks are hyped for good reason
  13. Boykin better hope he makes it through training camp. Just saw a video of Jefferson lighting him up after a catch.
  14. Where is it? I heard about it but left before it happened
  15. https://v.redd.it/ta5hlpyer2d31
    Here's the video. ET3 also apparently laid into a wr at one point too.
  16. [profanity deleted], you better NOT jinx it.
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  17. I've been trying to tell people about Boykin. That guy could be special here.

    Then add in how Hollywood most likely changes coverages and people will be eating underneath.
  18. Have a feeling Scott makes it over Wesley who ends up on the practice squad. Wesley then takes Moore’s spot when he walks next year and guys like Adeboyejo and Lasley are done.

    I see Modster and Jaylen Smith on the PS as well.
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