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The Ravens, the Dolphins and the Dolphins

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by NaturalBornHitters, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. The Ravens: I can’t really think of anything bad to say about this game for us. Things are looking up and it’s very exciting. Week 3 will be a good rest for us!

    The Dolphins: they were who we thought they were, it’ll be a long season for them and their fans lol
  2. Lamar threw a pass into triple coverage with a big lead, and even though it was caught, it was a bad decision, plus there was a penalty. Szn ovr.
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  3. The Dolphins have to rename Hard Rock Stadium to Get Rocked Stadium
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  4. Where can I see the presser from the game?
  5. I was not expecting Lamar to dominate like he did. Really excited for next week.
  6. yeah that was not a good decision but might have been the only bad decision he made

    1 of his 3 incompletions was a throwaway
    1 of his 3 incompletions was a drop
    1 of his 3 incompletions was a slight overthrow on a deep route to hollywood after he extended the play

    obviously there were some passes that dont show up in the box score like that triple coverage bad decision because it happened on an accepted penalty play

    but it felt like lamar was going to shred the dolphins for a big play every single snap - he had nice rhythm, beautiful touch and timing and so many options to go to

    we'll play better defences and better secondaries and in tougher situations but lamar melted that defence
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  7. Averett was about the only bad one can say on the day.
  8. Lamar said his performance was “not bad for a running back. “
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  9. i love him
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  10. I just really hope we avoid our infamous week 2 slump.

    Hollywood brown looked like he was far from 100% and was still the most dangerous player on the field.

    Andrews is in top form, he is about to be a pro bowler.

    Hurst looked solid.

    Ingram looked like a monster, match made in heaven right there.

    Snead can catch that damn ball, straight up. Except for that one...

    Justice hill looks bound to break a big one but looks real hit or miss on a per snap basis

    Our pass protection was absolutely stellar

    We’re gonna miss jimmy smith, averett doesn’t look ready to take on decent WRs on the outside

    Tyus bowser and Tim Williams didn’t get home but looked... ok

    Judon looked good

    The IDL looked good

    Peanut continuing the trend of being our best defender, he low key was our best defender last year

    Tony Jefferson looks like he’s finally the guy he was in Arizona, so nice to have a safety that allows him to play his role

    Earl Thomas is in top form
  11. Biggest news: Jimmy Smith’s injury “does not look like a season-ending injury,” #Ravens coach John Harbaugh said.
  12. Harbaugh said that Jimmy Smith’s knee injury is not season ending. Will have MRI tomorrow. Harbaugh said team will know if it will be “days or weeks” for Smith to be out.

  13. hoping days not weeks - we're really gonna need him for that chiefs game in week 3
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  14. Any notes on Bozeman at LG or were the Dolphins too bad to tell?
  15. He seemed to hold his own today.
  16. Just hoping Jimmy’s MRI tomorrow is good news.
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  17. Lamar looked pretty decent today
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  18. I kills me that a lot of our big injuries are by friendly fire.

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