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The Ravens, the Dolphins and the Dolphins

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by NaturalBornHitters, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. He had a big day, the others that were drafted before him, not so much ;)
  2. Lamar was beautiful, the line held up well
  3. It was great seeing Baker play like trash
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  4. Judon with the Spongebob shirt

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  5. Guess that’s a byproduct of having a defense based on swarm tackling
  6. How did Skura and Bozeman do?
  7. he had one play where he got beat inside but lamar threw it quick enough - might have been the snead td pass
    he also had a nice pull connect to help spring mark ingram on the first play of the game

    those were the only 2 times i consciously noticed him - will have to wait for filmstudy and others to score him/evaluate him
  8. Lamar looked very Mahomes like today. Extended plays with his feet and made a play with his arm ... some of them with a slightly unorthodox delivery. And when he had an open man, he hit them in total stride. He was flawless today and I don't care how shitty the opponent was ... Those throws were perfect.
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  9. I think they both held up well today.
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  10. There’s no question he’s improved his mechanics. His accuracy and poise in the pocket were noticeable for me today.
  11. I really hope we can start moving away from the days of building around our defense
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  13. No reason why we can't have it all...we're in a good position to have a top 5 offense and defense next year, assuming today wasn't a fluke
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  14. Running up the score was completely classless..................LMAO jk.

    In all seriousness, the offense looked fantastic all across the board. I don't give a FUCK who the team is, for Lamar to put up THOSE stats in his FIRST game in his second season after being told he can't throw is nothing short of phenomenal.

    As for the defense, they did what they were supposed to do. However, they need to stop whiffing on the QB. I don't mind the aggressiveness, but PLEASE be precise wit it. Averett was obviously the weakest link, but he wasn't abysmal though which is fine.
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  15. Did we play under the center at all other than on goal line?
  16. This was revenge for Kiko’s dirty hit on Flacco.
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  17. The Dolphins actually have a very solid secondary, yet Lamar still gets no credit from fat-couch QBs on social media. I love the hate and I think Lamar does as well.
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  18. People seem to think the whole team sucks when they actually have a good secondary. They paid Howard like a top CB and have a young solid Safety in Minkah Fitzpatrick. For us to do that to them, was quite impressive regardless of tanking or no tanking.
  19. But you didn't hear that he couldn't throw?! Could've sworn that's all I heard.
  20. Am i the only that noticed all the loud hits during the game
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