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The Ravens, the Dolphins and the Dolphins

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by NaturalBornHitters, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. From our defense? I don't think you were part of the gameday thread. Oh we noticed...
  2. Game manager.
  3. good QB's complete ALL of their passes. He's a bust and can only run for 6 yards??????
  4. That’s it. Accurate is accurate. The hardest thing to defend in the nfl is a perfectly placed pass, no matter who the defender is
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  5. This is an understatement.
  6. Well at least he didn't turn the ball over. lol
  7. Smh. Shouldn't be long until Trace wins the QB competition.
  8. I'm surprised he hasn't already. He had more yards than LJ in the preseason.
  9. Trace is a bust. Szn over
  10. I need to see Lamar use his legs more. He's a fucking statue in the pocket.
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  11. Totally and can't he just throw a damn spiral
  12. Oh yea i wasnt in there much today lol
  13. Ehh. Xavien Howard is very good in some aspects but still a flawed corner. Minkah is a very good chess piece. And Reshad jones is massively overrated. The rest of their secondary is trash.
  14. on a serious note it was amazing seeing the difference between RGIII and Lamar - RGIII looked like the guy with bad mechanics and accuracy issues (not that he played badly) - was amazing seeing how that impression of the 2 of them has flip-flopped from last year
  15. RG3 never had accuracy issues, but I get your point
  16. It makes me so happy that we murdered these stupid fish again. They piss me off every year and their fans are so arrogant. Combined score in our last 3 games against them 137-16 lol.
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  17. and the Pats get to play them twice a year, yet somehow manage to lose one of them.
  18. I'm happy to hear that Jimmy's knee injury isn't a season ending injury. I was so worried because of how it looked when he took the hit.
  19. totally agree. I'm going to remember this game for a very long time. What a great game.

    Now onto AZ
  20. I like his management style though

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