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Next Up: vs Cardinals

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Sep 8, 2019.


How many times will Lamar run the football

Poll closed Sep 15, 2019.
  1. 0-4

  2. 4-9

  3. 10+

  1. All eyes turn to the cardinals and how kyler murray looks and what that kingsbury offence looks like

    home opener - let's hope that M&T is rocking
  2. I'll be at the Home Opener. Looking forward to seeing another great game
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  3. Hopefully our RB will have more than 6 yards rushing.
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  4. I would love a repeat of today, minus the injuries.
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  5. This honestly should be another easy win which is why I would label it trap game in big bold letters. Coming off a huge win with a huge game the following week but first a bad opponent... yep this game should be a blowout but I'm saying its closer then it should be.
  6. when are you going to admit you were wrong about Hollywood?

    Maybe we can play Scott next week as our secret weapon and make Hollywood inactive. Just sayin'
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  7. Not impressed by the Cardinals, or Kyler Murray. Only 3 points so far against the Lions defense, meh. Should be 2-0 next week, no problem and very curious to see how Suggs does against our offensive line.
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  8. About four and a half hours ago in the game thread I said he looked smoother then I expected but keep pretending that didn't happen (despite it beingin the thread).

    I can revise up my opinion after seeing the game that he would have about 40-50 catches for around 500 yards before the game to now saying about 65-75 for around 850 but thats probably more my surprise at how crisp the offense looked.

    Are you going to say Brown was the difference between winning and losing that game or even havingit be within 3 touchdowns? He was moving gingerly just Friday so yes I figured 1-2 weeks more rest before the actual season started (Chiefs) would be good especially when you have weapons who have shown something om tape against NFL players?

    If I didn't want him in all year I wouldn't have predicted 50 catches...
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  9. For research, what was the Ravens record when you attended games last season?
  10. I didn't see you mention that.

    I agreed with you on the totals, but boy I'm going to have to revise that as well.
  11. 2-1 (lost the Steeler game)
  12. If we get a lead on Arizona, hopefully we don't blow it the way the Lions are doing right now.
  13. I hope we don't blow any lead this year.
  14. Hopefully he can complete 100% of his passes, he looked like a bum today
  15. Definitely a bum. So disappointed he didn’t have a 100% completion percentage.
  16. Hello all. New to this board. Yes, the Cardinals forced OT with the Lions. Hope someone wins. Hate ties.
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  17. welcome to the board.
  18. was he moving gingerly or is that something you've made up?
  19. It was something they said during the game when hyping him. Now maybe there is another Brown in that game who was also coming back from injury but that is what I heard the announcer say (I did know hewas one of 2 on injury reportbut didn't care about that).
  20. What does this have to do with anything...

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