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Week 2 Arizona Cardinals @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. The only young guy better than Lamar is Mahomes.

    That's enough for me right now.
  2. You don’t think Baker is better? I think right now it’s too early to say. I think it’s nice that Lamar can be talked about in the same breath as those other guys since a lot of people wanted him to change positions.
  3. for what its worth the nfl qb index (aggregated by about 4 people) has jackson at 11th in the league ahead of Big Ben, Baker etc.
  4. No, Baker is too temperamental at the moment and careless with the ball.
  5. A few thoughts..........
    Sloppy game but I still think we were 3 or 4 key completions from a comfortable win. Cards are a work in progress.
    Secondary seemed confused and lost at times, looked much like they did for the time between Ed and Weddle. Need to improve quickly, like before next week.
    O line is again the weak link on the offense and I’m not sure the fixes are on the roster.
    Unfortunately I don’t think Ingram makes it to the bye. Hope I’m wrong but it seems mileage, wear and tear may be adding up.
    I love Larry Fitzgerald. I had always wished he had come with Boldin as a package. lol
  6. That includes their entire careers?
  7. That’s cool. I’ll wait and see if Jackson can keep it up but I have faith in him. He seems driven to improve himself and that’s refreshing around here. I can see 11th I’m just not sure yet myself.
    I can understand that. I haven’t decided where I would personally place him yet. I couldn’t fault anyone for ranking him high because he has the promise to become truly dangerous. You see a lot of Mahomes in him.
  8. If Ingram has one thing going for him it's low mileage.
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  9. obviously not - its an aggregated ranking of different opinions of which player is the better starter right now/for next week - it's partly based on form over time
  10. So subjective, mostly...
  11. oh absolutely - just thought it was interesting given that its a weekly article on the nfl website especially given the love that baker and big ben etc normally get and the skepticism normally levied at lamar
  12. He's got terrible footwork for a WR that can be corrected, but he was always taking too many unnecessary steps.
  13. im just surprised he's not making any impact at all that his incredible speed has no way of getting on the field for them

    i know they hit some long plays against us today but they really lack speed in their receiving corps
  14. Baker is not only far worse than Lamar I also believe he isn't as good as Murray. You can wait for the verdict with more evidence but for me I truly believe that already. Lamar Jackson is a transcendental talent. Baker is not. Strictly my opinion.
  15. Frankly I can't think of too many other than maybe Mahomes, Brady, Brees, Rodgers and Prescott right now that I would put before Lamar and Prescott rather reluctantly. Russel Wilson and DeShaun Watson would follow him imo.
  16. Maybe mileage was the wrong term, call it “city mileage”. Comparatively not a lot of touches, but he’s a punishing style runner and the wear and tear is much greater than say the runner/receiver Ray Rice was..........elusive and didn’t take a bunch of direct hits.

    I haven’t followed Ingram’s career but I’m guessing this may be why his touches per year are pretty low.
  17. The thing is Baker is already 24 yo whereas Lamar's 22 plus Baker had Riley and Lamar only Petrino. There is more room to grow for Lamar. I still have Baker ahead of Lamar I'm not going to change my position after only 2 games.
  18. Here’s the rub.........Baker Mayfield is an asshole. Lamar is humble and classy.
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  19. Mayfield is an egomaniac and I also liked him coming out of college. Currently think he's the best qb from that draft class, but Lamar has closed the gap.
  20. Respectfully you'd be wrong like the myriad others out here and in general punditry. I think you ought to read Bleacher Report's article on Lamar because Freeman has a point of view that is similar to mine.

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