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Next Up: vs Bengals

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. bringing one of the worst teams in the NFL to the bank - this has to be a get healthy game against a division rival
  2. In true Ravens/Bengals fashion, this game will be a lot closer/uglier as we hope. Nonetheless, lots to cleanup from today. But I'm so elated we got the win.
  3. I don't even feel happy. It doesn't feel like a win to me.
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  4. Yeah if we can win this game and get to the bye at 4-3 then I won't complain. Think it will likely be ugly again though, Bengals almost always play us tough
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  5. Totally understandable. Given how ugly our schedule is looking from here on out, we need every win possible. Even if that means we have to win ugly.
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  6. IDK, Ginger always gives us heartburn. But they are so bad this year we can’t let them win this one, especially at the vault.
  7. A win is a win no matter how it happens. Every team gets these ugly wins. Just last week, the Chiefs got lucky on a fumble return they picked up on their own goal line.

    Part of the ugliness was aided by the refs. Actually a lot of it
  8. Thought the Steelers game would be close. Do no think that about the Bengals game. We will run ALL over them and win comfortably.
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  9. If our pass rush doesn't get to Dalton, who is lost in the pocket big time, then I give up.
  10. If the Browns lose tomorrow to the 49ers, they have the Seahawks next week. If we can go 2-0 while the Browns go 0-2 in the same stretch we will be good. I just don't feel comfortable with this team actually doing something when it has to do something.
  11. If the defense plays like they did this week which was solid. We only allowed just over 200yds passing and less than 100yds total on the ground albeit to backup QBs we should beat Cincy.

    This defense lacks a few surefire playmakers but is not as bad as it has been playing. Last week against the Browns the D gave us atleast 3 or 4 shots at points in the first half alone and we didn't score on any of the 3 and outs forced and in fact it was only after an interception that this offense was able to score for the first time.

    It is our offense that needs to step up more and find a way to move the ball more consistent and score points.

    Given the tough opponents we have coming up like Seattle, New England LA, and the Texans...it's going to be hard for our defense to be perfect.

    Time for our offense to spread it's wings for once in this franchise's history of typically dominant defenses snd weak offenses, and do what we prepared for it to do this offseason.

    So far good teams are not buying this offense so hopefully Lamar is able to make some deep throws against the hopeless Bengals.
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  12. I'll know what the intent of this FO is if we don't make a move to upgrade this team before that wretched 4 game stretch which I don't see us winning a single one as we are currently constructed.
  13. According to [profanity deleted], Ravens are onE of the several teams looking to make a move before the trade deadline.

    I hate the injury to TJ, but it’ll be interesting to see how our others safeties fare back there.
  14. fixed it and remember, anything he says is his opinion and generally wrong. When he was reporting on the skins, the fan base would call him 50/50 and that was being nice.
  15. hahah yeah I usually don’t mention anything he says. I just remember them mentioning it on the broadcast so I searched his tweets and he said something about it
  16. Andy Dalton and the Bengals can definitely best us. If not for marlon, the Steelers were going to continue to move into FG range and win that game.
  17. Eh. Something about the Ravens just brings the best out of Dalton for the most part.
  18. that's not the same team, but I'm sure the Bengals will have some big plays on us.
  19. AJ Green is not playing and still out a few more weeks?
  20. And that wasn't the same Steelers team either.

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