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Next Up: vs Texans

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Facing the most dynamic qb not named Lamar Jackson coming off a bye week.
    Huge game. Can the Ravens keep rolling or will the Texans stop this number 1 offence in its tracks?
  2. b2b teams coming off the bye week
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  3. Will there be any hype this week leading up to this game?
  4. I can't believe they stayed this game at 1PM
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  5. Can they still flex it to 4 ?
  6. I mean when it was scheduled I would have assumed it would not be two division leaders facing each other when making the schedule.
  7. This is the first game of what will likely become one of the most exciting rivalries in the league.

    There is no scenario where I don’t see the ravens and Texans becoming something like our old patriots rivalry.
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  8. I haven't paid attention since JJ Watt went out with injury, but how has their defense been.
  9. No idea. I’m just saying this because the Watson vs Lamar debate is gonna be a heated one for years to come, and these 2 are gonna be the face of the nfl
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  10. What's the sunday night game they kept over this one?
  11. yes, I know you are and I'm in agreement, but I believe the more heated rivalry will be with the Chiefs.
  12. Outside of mercilus they have no front 7 and have been horrible since watt went down. Their secondary is decent after the trade for Conley... think we win this game fairly easy if we control the clock and dont turn the ball over
  13. tbf the pats had this also - facing the browns then us
  14. i dunno how easy i see it being - i think this is going to be the closest game to a shootout this team will get in this year
  15. got it. I think we will beat the Texans even coming off the bye week, but could be a very interesting game, to say the least.
  16. Seems like the defense has figured out its problems for the most part. We probably have the best defence of all the teams with young hotshot QBs. Could be the difference .
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  17. Their run defense has taken a hit the last 2 weeks.
  18. Its still going to be the Patriots. Brady probably plays another 3 years and then BB grabs some random dude on the street and the Pats will be contenders with him.
  19. My 2 favorite players in the NFL. Always loved Watson and was my fav college player.

    Not a fan of Mahomes...hes a show off and always throws off balance
  20. Watson still can be turnover prone at times. The key for me will be run D without Pierce and our DBs vs their WRs. Gonna be a back and forth game but the defense who comes up clutch will win it.

    Gonna be a shoot out for sure

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