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General Draft Thoughts

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. We've not had one of these in previous years but it seems to make some sense in the same way we have the random thought thread.

    At the moment the Ravens are projected to have 9 draft picks:

    1, 2, 3, 4
    3/4 comp (CJ Mosley), 4 comp (John Brown), 4 (NE - Eluemunor), 5 (MN - Vedvik), 7 (NYJ - Alex Lewis)

    Similar to that 2016 draft class we may end up with 4 picks in the 4th round which could make or break this draft class (obviously hopefully CJ gets back on the field and bumps it back up to a 3rd but its not looking promising).

    Seems so far to be a fairly strong draft class - the more picks the better - we could well see lots of trades given how much capital we've got to work with.
  2. Didn’t the vedvik pick go to the rams?

    Also. General question for anyone, what round do y’all envision a Zack Baun and Carlos Basham going?

    I really like these 2, with ya recently showing weakness at edge contain in the run game I’ve grown to appreciate basham who is as physical as they come, and really can anchor down or force the direction of the play, he should become a really solid edge setting guy but he’s no slouch as a rusher, if you liked Ferguson you’ll probably like basham more, similar styles but more flexible and brings a lethal spin counter which is rare for a guy his size. Baun is a guy who looks like he could be everything we wanted bowser to be, plays a lot of real LB snaps but is an excellent speed rusher with hands and a good shoulder dip.

    I’d love to be able to add both of these guys but from what I see I think we would need another day 2 pick to pull it off.
  3. Pencil in 4th for CJ
    IR/surgery, official
  4. our original 5 i think went to the rams - we kept the vedvik pick (which at the time i think looked like it would be the worse pick hence why the rams got our 5 - but now looks like we got to keep the better 5th

    the earlier the vikings and patriots leave the playoffs the better our picks will be also
    +we might give the jets an extra nudge just to push that conditional 7th up a couple spots lol
  5. yeah just saw that

    oh well - just means we'll be picking incredibly often on day 3 especially if we do some manoeuvring like we normally do

    albeit important to note every single one of those 4th round picks is going to be towards the end of the 4th round - the earliest one will be in the late 20s of the round so while it's a lot of 4th rounders and they'll come quick and fast they are low value 4th rounders

    that 3rd round pick would have been really nice
  6. Eric will be busy dealing. I am almost sure we'll trade down from our 1st/2nd round if there are callers. Add all these 4th picks - we'll have more 2nd and/or 3rd round picks than we do today.
  7. yeah depending on where we end up picking and what talent's available a trade down is certainly foreseeable albeit we dont have much luck with 2nd round picks lol and we'd lose the 5th year option too
  8. I agree, I’ve been studying up lately and there are some spots I really don’t like in this draft, late first, and third round. I feel like players around 20-50 are all gonna be pretty similar in talent level, and then a lot of guys that should be available in the third wouldn’t be of value at our positions of need.

    It’s also way too early to talk like this so I’ll stfu about that lol.

    But yeah, I’d like to see us with 2-3 picks in round 2 and rack up extra picks in day 3. If we could get 3 seconds I could think of a group of realistic picks I’d prefer over any possible 1 and 2.
  9. I usually hate trading 1sts cuz of the 5th yr option but with as low as we're picking I'd like to see it and pick up an extra 2nd and probally a 4th since we'll be drafting low and then turn around and trade a couple 4ths for a 3rd.
  10. no, we traded our own pick, not the comp.
  11. this could very well happen or we would package it with a mid round pick and trade up if there is someone within reach that we don't want to lose.
  12. Would you all rather stay at our spot and add another wr or go all in and move up for Young?
  13. feel like we'd have to give up more than 2 1st round picks to go and get young among other capital
  14. The minimum is 2 1s and 2 2s, but wouldn't offer players. The benefit is not overpaying to keep guys for the sake of it, but if he is what you think he is, we have finally have a dominant rusher on a cheap 5 year deal. I'd do it and I think the team would. We were obviously willing to give up the goods for other players who would have demanded a contract, so why not for a young guy at a position of need? The offense is basically set for the next 3-4 years after Stanley is signed. Obviously need more interior OL and Yanda could retire, but we can draft OL and have with success. The guys on defense are for the most part paid, even though some of this hinges on what happens with Young. Even if he doesn't come back, we have the cap to keep both Humphrey and Peters, with the potential of a deal for Jimmy. Safety is locked in. If you think Young is that dominant rusher, I don't see why not. Part of the reason I'm all for this is this team (to the fans at least) is way ahead of schedule. Maximize your window under Lamar's rookie deal.
  15. these are the types of moves made in the draft that almost never work out
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  16. The Julio Jones trade would have worked if the Falcons weren't choke artists. I get what you're saying, but sometimes, the risk is worth it. They say we were trying to move up for Mack. You don't think he would have done well on our team? You need to remember some of the teams that are trying to make these deals and the culture and "structure" they have in place. Again, I'm saying this if the team believes the guy will fit.
  17. Stay.
    To move up entire round would cost at least two years of team's future.
  18. we would and in that case, no way I'm trading up to get Young. Maybe we can just drug him at the combine.
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  19. the problem here is that we are absolutely barren on the interior DL in 2020, we dont have a single 3tech on the roster right now, we have 5 DTs and all of them are 0-1s, one of those 5 is a FA and likely due for big money, of the remaining 4 you have a late round rookie whos shown nothing, 2 very old rentals on 1 year deals, and then brandon williams.

    there is NOTHING chase young could do to remedy that hole in the roster, and there would be essentially nothing the team could do either, outside of signing a leonard williams, who would then strip us of a third round comp which we would be desperately holding onto since we traded all of our draft capital, and then we would have no trade bait to grab a guy who may hit the trade block who we may need.

    it is way too steep a price and we can make moves to maximize this teams winning potential in lamars rookie deal without doing that, and honestly, i dont believe that move would give us the best chance to maximize our SB window. an injury to chase young and then were leaning entirely on lamar to completely carry the team, because with the guys that will be leaving soon the defense will be resting on chase youngs shoulders because humphrey and peters and thomas wouldnt be able to cover guys long enough.
  20. BULLSHIT! We still have your boy Ferguson. And interior DL is another position we've had success with late in the draft but I get where you all are coming from. Was just wondering and I wouldn't mind if the FO went either way with their decision.

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