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Around the NFL: News and Rumors

Discussion in 'Other NFL Teams' started by RavensPunkXVX, May 5, 2017.

  1. they were sat next to each other alone on the bench after the game - maybe they walk away together - they both looked very contemplative like they were maybe savouring it for the last time

    but equally likely is that ben turns up for season ending press conference with a full body cast saying he'd been playing through 3 broken legs all year
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  2. if I'm Ben, I can't see many paths to that roster being upgraded enough to warrant them being a contender in 2021. So if he's going to come back and play, I don't know what he's playing for, other than money.

    Obviously they're losing two good players, but they can pretty much solve most of their salary cap problems with just those two guys retiring + making some easy cuts, like Ebron, McDonald, etc. They could probably manage to retain Bud Dupree in that scenario.

    Those four guys being gone alone is like $38M in cap savings.
  3. And covid-27
  4. Colts will need a new Left Tackle in 2021.

  5. Looks like the Raiders are close to keeping WR Nelson Agholor on a two year $15M contract.

  6. Not a good start to the offseason for Von Miller who is likely gone in Denver with a $18M cap hit this upcoming season. Also this doesn't help bring him here either, damn it Von.

  7. this SI cover piece on the Texans and Easterby is wild


    just supremely toxic and i hope Watson can get away from that situation - he's 25 years old - he shouldn't have to deal with these internal power grabs

    i know there are probably people who are christian and have faith on this board so i just want to preface this by saying i dont want to come across as being anti-christian or anything like that... and i dont mean this to be offensive in anyway to anyone here...

    but it seems that religion and christian faith in particular have become the most important part of cal mcnair's support system and the connection between power and religion within that organisation seems to be (from an outsider's perspective) a key reason for that toxic atmosphere

    easterby in particular embodies many of the things that make me mistrust much of organised religion and especially christianity with the way he's leveraging his faith for power and seemingly imposing it on individuals "below" him within the texans organisation
  8. I like to see Carolina make a deal and acquire him from Houston. Carolina was competitive this season despite the tanking talk and they could have won more games if Bridgewater wasn't their QB. Any NFC team can acquire him please and thank you.
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  9. Yeah this organization continues to show its competence. Absolutely pathetic. Makes me appreciate our front office even more so
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  10. it's absolutely stunning the level of disfunction

    there are only 32 of these opportunities in the world... yet so many are mismanaged constantly by their owners
  11. there are 31 teams and a Football Team
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  12. Back when I started watching NFL Texans were one of the teams I was thinking of supporting. Good thing I was such a fan of The Wire.
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  14. OverTheCap has the Colts at $65M in cap space. I wonder if they'll go after someone like Wentz or even Dak.
  15. Some sad news. Former Packers GM Ted Thompson passed away last night at the age of 68.
  16. Dwayne Haskins to the Steelers
  17. So it begins..... Pouncey may be next I expect.

  18. I'm not expecting either to be available. Eagles likely remedied their situation by getting rid of Pedersen, and trading him before June 1st is pretty much impossible. And If I'm the Colts, there's no way I'm waiting until June to figure out my QB situation for the year.

    All expectations are Dallas is just going to pay Dak whatever he wants. I've yet to hear anybody suggest he'll actually hit the market.

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