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Around the NFL: News and Rumors

Discussion in 'Other NFL Teams' started by RavensPunkXVX, May 5, 2017.

  1. i think that's a reasonable assumption - it's perfectly possible that the front office there had a big grade on him although it is a fully new group of personnel there since that draft (including the owner)

    but i dont think it's completely out of the realm of possibility that they look at a 23 year old in an awful situation who came into the league with tons of talent that he hasn't met and think that he's an answer
  2. Tom Brady admits why he still plays.... and I agree with him. Those prices are ridiculous.

  3. The accuser who went public is now being harrassed on Instagram and people are leaving negative reviews on her business for speaking out. Sickening they are defending Deshaun, this is why Women don't come forward. He's done, too much evidence against him.
  4. I think the sheer number of complaints/lawsuits makes it likely that he's got real problems.

    But as I said before, based on everything I've seen published by the media, including all the texts, emails, etc. you posted here, its an extreme long shot he ever gets convicted of any criminal charges based solely on that. I'm assuming, like most, that the "best evidence" they have isn't being publicly shared, and for their sake, I certainly hope so.

    They're going to need to prove a) actual sexual assault occurred and b) that it was non-consensual. Right now, all I'm seeing is a guy who clearly has some sort of fetish for massage therapists. Not particularly weird in my opinion, but whether he crossed the line or not remains to be seen.

    My "best guess" is there's maybe a small number (like 1 or 2) of these victims who will actually get to the point of a district attorney seeking criminal charges, and the rest will play out as civil cases, likely with settlements being paid out to most.

    The main issue for these women is this largely just seems to be one big group of "he said, she said". Like these women can show as many texts from him as they want, but if none of them admit anything or prove sexual assault, its pretty much not going to materialize into anything more than an "unwanted advance". Enough to win settlements and possibly a civil case or two, but I don't think nearly enough to win criminal charges.

    And his NFL career isn't going to end over civil lawsuit settlements and being labeled as somebody who wants to bang massage therapists. That line likely goes around the block when it comes to Pro Athletes or even the general population itself.
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  5. Well yeah everything is he said, she said at the moment. I do think its telling when sponsors no longer want anything to do with him. Nike, Beats by Dre, hell the company whose name is on the Texans stadium, Reliant dropped him as a brand ambassador. No team will trade for him now...
  6. I mean... they "suspended" his endorsement, not cancelled it. They can't be seen supporting somebody with his types of allegations. Now if it turns out to just be a bunch of money grabs, civil suits, and settlement payouts, they'll be quick to bring his endorsement back soon after.
  7. Phillip Adams. Wow. So fucking sad.
  8. Just saw the headlines. I have no idea who this guy was, but good lord.
  9. Same. My scrub 9er fan-friends knew of him. What a fucking tragedy
  10. This is not a good week for the NFL. Now Deshaun Watson and his scumbag lawyer forced one of the accusers to be named publicly. Trying to get his fan club to harrass his victims into dropping the charges. The responses on Twitter defending him is insane.

    America puts celebrities and athletes on a pedestal and they think they can get away with anything because the public will automatically assume the woman is a gold digger. Hope Deshaun gets max sentence and throw away the keys.
  11. Given the lack of facts and circumstances available, this obviously comes across as incredibly bias and excessively premature.
  12. LOL... the most he can get us 7 years while the littke girl will have to spend more than 7 years of her life dealing with issues this POS caused to her. Should be charged with attempted murder and life sentence because if the little girl he injured has to deal with the effects of his poor decision making the rest of her life, he should have to be in jail for good.

  13. Well attempted murder would never happen, because there has to be intent to kill somebody, which didn't exist here. I also wouldn't be surprised if there are more significant charges.

  14. Cue Julian to Tampa talks.....
  15. Any updates on Malik Hooker?
  16. He retiring.

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