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Signings, Cuts, Trades and the Salary Cap

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by allblackraven, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. My offseason signing wishlist includes:

    Robby Anderson WR
    Pharoah Cooper WR/KR
    Tre Boston S
    Joe Schobert or Blake Martinez ILB
    Andrew Billings or Maliek Collins DT
    Jordan Jenkins or Markus Golden EDGE

    These are all B/B- players that can fill some holes in our defense without breaking the bank. If we can check off every box we should be set up great next year.
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  2. that won't work. We have 34 million in cap space after the Peters hire and will need around 6m or more for draft picks, so that brings us down to 28m. We also have to sign some RFAs. Extending Judon is going to cost around 17-18m. Chris Jones will be the same or more and Schobert could be around 15m. We can't do that to our cap and be in this situation again.

    I agree we will most likely let one of Jimmy or Carr walk and Biadasz would be a good signing but I'm hoping an edge or MLB in the draft.
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  3. no way in hell is that feasible - we've only got about 35m in disposable cap space - that's more than we've had for a long time but its not enough to do all that - you forgot to release jefferson also

    with regards to biadasz - he looked like a stud in 2018 and probably should have come out last year - this year has looked stiff and slow at times - still a first 2 round kind of guy but not a lock to be a great player straight away tbh
  4. I guess in the case we don't sign judon it's weaver for me. Not sure about terrell lewis ( epic ravens name tho)
  5. Not that it makes this feasible, but there is cap space that can be created that you aren't counting here.

    There is inconsistent use of "let walk" and "release" for these players in these statements. Jimmy and Pierce would be "let walk" (no savings) but Carr is a release that saves 6M. Also remember Jefferson will be released and will add 7M. Sami also threw in a Yanda retirement that adds 7M more ... but also creates another hole that would need to be filled, unless we think someone like Ben Powers is going to step in and fill in. To call that a downgrade would be an understatement.
  6. im not big into weaver either tbh - has some decent traits but beat up on lesser OLs without the athletic gifts to suggest he can translate what he's doing to NFL tackles - think he'd be a decent 2nd or 3rd round guy maybe but certainly not someone id be personally comfortable with in the 1st

    terrell lewis has lots of injury history but could be special
  7. yes, I should have added it, but I still don't think it would be appropriate to do that. We need to keep our cap flexible and not push to the boundaries. We don't know how much the cap will be raised at the end of the cba.
  8. All season I thought it was clear we cut Jefferson but some of me now thinks we let Bcar walk and keep the talent in the safety position with Tony playing shins Chuck Clark and or we restructure him idk man that 7mil I think is worth cutting him but for some reason I don’t think it happens
  9. Man I think that whole “council” group on defence is probably gone this year

    It’s not worth paying TJ 7m in cap space for being great on twitter - this is the 80/20 rule except it’s more like 150/5 - what’s TJ’s role on this team if he comes back because he’s not getting the starting role back from chuck that’s for sure
  10. I don't know I will be stunned if we don't release Jefferson. His play to start the season was below the level of play we can get out of a much, much cheaper option. Combined with the fact we have very limited options in creating space, I think Jefferson's release is a no-brainer.
  11. God I just hate that we're having this conversation now ...
  12. same..

    This loss just feels wrong.
  13. Elliott is better than both Carr and Jefferson
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  14. its so odd
  15. What the hell happend to Elliot? ACL?
  16. important to note that he got the first crack at the role carr played for the rest of the year before he got injured and i/red - i went back before the playoffs to watch some of those earlier games in the year and elliott was awesome in that 1 game - i really liked the combo of in the dime dropping chuck clark into the box and having elliott come on the field with his range etc. i really hope he gets a solid offseason and earns that role back - but i can understand if the team doesnt trust him given he's been i/red both years
  17. no one knows outside of it was his knee
  18. Did he get injured on D or ST?
  19. I lamarvel at how quickly you guys have moved on. I wish I had your strength. I need another week to fully move on. Sleepless nights galore. Why I fret so much over spilt milk I wonder? In any case it's therapeutic to come around every once in a while and seeing all the wish lists and potential signings you guys are working on! Lamarvelous! Crap I can't even say 'marvelous' anymore!
  20. when I was younger I would absolutely hold onto a loss. Now I have the ability to not view this season as an entire loss. I look at the positives of this entire season and can see this team as being one of the greatest teams I've ever rooted for even though we didn't win a Super Bowl. I also see the positives of the future and how young our core really is. Am I disappointed, hell yes I am and I feel we lost on opportunity, but I'm certainly not going to throw this season away for all the great memories that came out of it.

    Go Ravens!

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