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Signings, Cuts, Trades

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by RavensMania, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Ozzie's picks lol. He was really bad in the twilight of his GM tenure for the most part.
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  2. Hes a depth signing, good power but not highly ranked by any measure. All 3 of our new linemen are big framed body movers at the LOS
  3. I don't care about his personal life, but apparently the Ravens are trying to leverage this as a way to void his contract. That's what I figured would be talked about.
  4. It's about trusting who you are with
  5. I’m confused. Void meaning he loses out on 10 million, or void meaning he’s released altogether?
  6. I think cut him outright and not owe him money/have the cap hit.

    Apparently the Ravens felt he freelanced too much, didn't grasp the defense well, and had friction with teammates in the secondary.
  7. I believe we are protecting ourselves in case the rookies and Powers aren't up to speed, especially due to the shortened offseason. Also Fluker's best yrs with the Chargers were under Joe D as the OL coach, so there is that also.
  8. Man fingers crossed this happens...the Titans game soured me on ET. Juice is not worth the squeeze with his price tag.
  9. That doesn’t strike me as a ravens move
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  10. Let's say we do this. Who the hell is our starting FS? Lol
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  11. In 2019 Earl Thomas allowed 6 completions in his coverage on 14 targets over 547 coverage snaps. Zero touchdowns allowed. He takes away the middle of the field like nobody else which is what we paid him to do.

    Thats a 24.2 QB rating, the lowest in the league.

    In case yall forgot.
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  12. source?
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  13. This. I remember seeing a tweet similar to this a couple of days ago. This just shows Earls dominance even if it went unnoticed. No way in hell we’re cutting him. I’d start to question EDC and Steve heavily at that point.
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  14. hadnt seen that until after you made that post lol
  15. we'd be relying on deshon elliott to be healthy for an entire year - something he's not done since he was drafted - and all the other safeties on the roster arent FS types

    doesnt make sense to me really tbh
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  16. I think this all started with the Baltimore Sun's version of ... (sorry, can't say his name, but you get my drift.)
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  17. you talking about shaffer?
  18. It shocked me, too, but an anonymous exec said the Ravens were unhappy with his play.
  19. I agree. I can't see it happening, either.
  20. It was in the Baltimore Sun. It's a head scratcher.

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