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Signings, Cuts, Trades

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by RavensMania, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Preston
  2. i know it's the sun and not ... but it just would be so unlike the ravens to have something like this leak if it was true
  3. that's what gave me pause but honestly it would be a massive changeup for that sort of stuff to start leaking out of the building...
  4. I was as shocked as anyone because you sour a relationship with Earl if this is true.
  5. I can't imagine he is true. Preston's credibility is so bad it makes J.. look like the best reporter in the NFL.
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  6. exactly - which suggests to me that either it's a done deal that he's gone already or there's no truth to it at all because if it's somewhere in between then this report is incredibly damaging to the relationship and the team for almost no reason
  7. Warford cut! Have to get em! Sure thing at LG
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  8. he's still only 28
  9. Dude we have to do this. If we have to rescind judons rag we have to do this
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  10. SO, update- PFT said that the person who said all that about Thomas was likely a low level exec with zero actual input who had a hate boner for Thomas. It has no merit.
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  11. where'd you see this - it's not showing on the original article (where i'd assumed the update would be)

    but also that's not a good look for there to be a low-level exec hating one of our players enough to leak weird stuff to the press
  12. Damn, Larry Warford got released. He would have been the perfect guy to step in at RG. We pulled the trigger too early on Fluker.
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  13. Whoever leaked this to the press needs to be found and cut out like a cancer.
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  14. I treat all quotes from unnamed sources as made up crap.
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  15. Here's the thing though...

    It still doesn't make sense, even financially, the cut him.
    If you void the $10M this year, you save can save it this year, but it still costs you $10M next year. Any way you look at it... he's got $15M in dead money that you either take now, or take most of it next year. I'm not doing that, especially when I have no viable options to get somebody else.

    At that point, you'd basically tip your hand and have to make a desperation trade for somebody like Adams, who I think plays more like Clark than Earl, meaning you don't really have a "deep safety" on the roster per say. I know the Ravens play more split safety looks, but realistically, there aren't many outcomes where your team improves (even by signing like a Warford with the money).

    To me, this is nothing more than a "we're disappointed in your decision making" moment. Its not a "fireable" offense.
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  16. Its pretty obvious that the money portion of it doesn't make sense. I think its more than just the FO being disappointed with him off the field though. I have no idea what they think of him personally or if these reports of him rubbing guys the wrong way have any merit but there are too many instances of him out of position and giving up big plays or potentially giving up big plays. There is no way for me to get around that. and that part of the "report" I believe has the smell of being true based on film. Its understandable that they might feel that way about his play. And it may be more of a cumulative effect of the above mentioned that has The Ravens wishing they COULD cut him.
  17. Larry Walford would help but The Ravens have always valued versatile offensive linemen. Walford can only play at guard to my understanding while a guy like DJ Fluker can play at guard and tackle. Its obvious who is the better player but its something The Ravens have valued for quite sometime and it helps on game day in case of injury.
  18. Honestly in our scheme I think we want to have the biggest line possible. Bullies in the run game

    I think our FO would prefer fluker who's massive.

    Biggest/heaviest O line in football could be us next year.

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