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Fantasy Football Advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. The season is upon us. The season for me begins tonight. I have to set my keepers and draft Sunday. Need some advice. My roster is pretty much set.

    My keepers as of now.

    QB Brees, Cousins
    HB C. Thompson, Spencer Ware
    WR Davante Adams, Nelson Agholor, Braxton Miller, Cole Miller, Muhammad Sanu, Torrey Smith, Kevin White, Kenny Stills.
    TE Cameron Brate, Martellus Bennett
    K Stephen Gostkowski

    DL Michael Bennett, Everson Griffin, Cameron Heyward
    LB Von Miller,
    DB Kurt Coleman, Marcus Peters

    Those who will be released;
    Pitta (fine)
    RG3 (fine)
    D'Qwell Jackson (fine)

    Do you think I should substitute any of the following guys with my current keepers or let them all go as well? Not sure how Heyward will do after his surgery. Or if all of those WR's should be replaced with one of these defensive guys.

    DL Calais Campbell
    LB MAlcolm Smith
    LB NIgel Bradham
    DB Rodney McLeod
  2. Took Marshawn with the 3rd pick in the FA/Rookie draft. Fournette and The Rookie Hb For Panthers were off the board. In hindsight I should have taken Corey Davis. How well do you all think Lynch will do?
  3. he's going to get carries early on but i have no idea if they will lead to anything - latavius murray was an alright play last year at times and marshawn is better than him (as long as he's a little like his old self) - he's gonna be someone you'll probably have to hope gets a load of short yardage tds because im not sure hes going to chug for regular yardage like he used to
  4. He'll be in my trade considerations throughout. Hopefully he does well early on and I can sell high.
  5. Got offered
    Tyler Eifert for Kevin White. Might take it, at least Eifert is proven. Both are injury prone.


    Randall Cobb and Blount for Marshawn Lynch.
  6. 100% take eifert for white - white has shown literally nothing whereas when he's on the field eifert is a top 3 tight end in terms of fantasy simply because of how great he is in the redzone

    randall cobb and blount for lynch is one id also probably take but would be a lot more wary about given that i have no idea what marshawn's gonna be like at all and/or his role while i know that randall cobb is the slot in green bay which will be a good offence so he'll be steady and blount's also a wildcard simply because we have no idea who's gonna take what snaps in philly

    id s ay yes to the first and tentatively yes to the second one but the second one is more down to your preference/feeling - maybe wait for training camps to happen a bit before making a move
  7. I let that Blount deal expire. I currently have D. Adams and Marcellus Bennett for GB. Currently have Eifert, Jack doyle, Cameron Brate. Shopped Martellus Bennett and they sent me an offer of Cameron Meredith. Thoughts?
  8. I'd hold on to martellus Bennett - he's going to get Jared cook type targets from the best qb in the league who's been lacking a tight end of bennett's quality - he'll get targets and he'll get big plays and he'll get tds - to get rid of Bennett I'd need to see a wr with td upside come the other way personally which Meredith doesn't really fit that mould

    How many tight ends do you wanna keep? I personally am not a fan of jack Doyle and Cameron brate will obviously be fighting oj Howard for targets and the start in tampa bay
  9. Yeah I wouldn't mind the combo of Eifert and Bennett. The only thing I don't like is having Adams who will also eat up targets from Rodgers. Not a fan of having two receivers for the same team starting
  10. I'm also not the biggest fan of Adams in general anyeay
  11. I have a big draft for my league with all my buddies today and I just wanted to get some advice I always have one ravens player on my team who I think will do well and I feel like I can get Danny woodhead or Twest late as a steal we are a half point ppr league I figure twest will see more time but Danny woodhead will get a lot of touches aswell especially in the passing game but he's already injured which worries me aswell so of the two who would you guys take?
  12. Woodhead is good if it's a ppr league. I've had him in the past, two seasons ago.
  13. It's become fairly obvious that fantasy land does not want me to land Kareem Hunt. Rewatched his tape a few weeks back, came away impressed. Put him squarely atop of the sleeper list after the Spencer Ware injury. Just missed out on him in the draft in the 3rd round of the only draft I've done (On Yahoo). Desperately attempted to trade for him, no response from the owner. Attempted to join NFL.com league today as they were the only ones to undervalue Hunt. The site shut down their servers prior to the game to my surprise and he'll no longer be a sleeper anywhere after tonight. Don't recall the last time I watched someone burn the Patriots be this bittersweet.
  14. That does suck. At least you didn't have him on your team and have him on the bench. My cousin benched him, but in his defense, he's not really up to speed on the rookies.
  15. True that. You also wouldn't expect NE to be gashed at home this hard by a rookie.
  16. I was playing both Kareem Hunt and Gillislee last night:). Had Brady also :(
  17. I have Hunt and Hill on my fantasy team, but I benched Hill since I thought there was no way two Chiefs would go off on the Patriots.
  18. So this is my first year playing FAAB fantasy. We start out with $100 in a 14 team .5 PPR league.

    I'm really in need of a RB since my only 2 is cj Anderson and joe mixon. So here we go fellas, how much should I spend on tarik cohen and buck Allen?
    Right now I put $30 for cohen and $14 for buck? Any advice?
  19. tbh i wouldnt bother with buck - he doesnt really have any touchdown upside which is kinda what you need this late in the game - cohen would be a good pickup though although $30 feels like a lot although he may well be the only option as a centrepiece of their offense in chicago now that meredith and white are both down - there's opportunity in chicago and cohen looks like a decent fantasy play

    buck allen... in my honest opinion, not so much... he may well be surplanted by woodhead coming back in 4-6 weeks and/or one of langford/collins from the practice squad - if you wanna go buck i wouldnt bother with that much because i dont think he'll be worth it and maybe not a viable play many weeks anyway

    my advice is a little under the radar guy but kerwynn williams of the cardinals is about to become a starter in an offense where the rbs traditionally score a lot of touchdowns and have decent yards - im not saying he's david johnson but he will have a wealth of opportunity in what supposedly still amounts to a good offense...

    also maybe you checked already but it might be worth looking to see if anyone dropped any bucs or dolphins players because of their week 1 bye...

    if you fancy streaming rbs on a matchup basis then maybe consider marlon mack, chris carson, chris thompson... but yeah unless your league has been poorly drafted then there is probably already a dearth of talent - i feel your pain

    just dont oversell on tarik cohen
  20. I would take Cohen well ahead of Allen. Could be partial bias on my end given that I loved his college tape, but Cohen's floor in targets moving forward could very well be in the 5+ range. Chicago lost yet another WR on Sunday in Kevin White, one whom they were hoping could develop into a prime wideout, which dampens the depth of what was already perhaps the most questionable group of pass catching talent on paper. The most interesting aspect was the fact that there were no health related questions with Jordan Howard, meaning the touches could very well be a regular occurrence. To Cohen's credit, he's been solid in every NFL game to date, which is encouraging with regards to sustainability, averaging 5.0+ YPC in all four games. Granted there's a sizable asterisks in that three were in the preseason, but he did play against the ones in the start against the Cardinals, with Howard on the bench due to a minor eye abrasion, coming away with 77 yards on 11 rushes. The downside is that Cohen is unlikely to receive more than 8-10 rushing attempts per game, so each attempt would have to be maximized, which is easier said than done. He broke the meter this week with a ridiculous 12 yards after contact per attempt, which is obviously unsustainable. But you could be looking at a back whose floor could be 50+ scrimmage yards per game with 2-3+ catches and a TD in every other game. It'll be difficult to tell what his usage will be moving forward, but he's definitely worth a speculative add.

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