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Fantasy Football Advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Hell yea. I drafted him pretty early too. Passed on lamar to get henry then drafted murry in 2nd rnd
  2. late to this but start kyler - he's statistically done well against the 49ers in the past and has an improved roster of weapons and is entering year 2 primed for a general leap in play + on top of that the 49ers are a bit limited (mostly on offence - but the more failed drives = more possessions for kyler)
  3. I reached for kyler in the 5th round. I’m starting him. Hopefully his scrambles will give me a solid floor at the least.
  4. Adrian Peterson (vs GB) or Keelan Cole (vs Titans)
  5. I'm dreading life currently as a CEH owner
  6. FC1BEFB1-19C7-40CC-96A3-1B1CAC5429B2.jpeg

    Fellas, I’m torn. I need 6 points to win this week. Win and I’m in the playoffs.

    half point PPR.

    Do I play Amari vs Marlo and this secondary


    Zeke vs the Monstars?
  7. One more weekend left.. just gotta hope starters play

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