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Fantasy Football Advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. So I have Buck and Twest in my other fantasy league it's a .5 ppr I've been starting west and just picked up Buck after I saw how much we used him last week and going into this week I'm trying to decide who to start Buck or Twest it seems like Twest is used more in hard running situations like the goal line but Buck is seeing the majority of play time Just wondering your thoughts of who I should start
  2. it's hard to say - i thought t west had been benched essentially in the 2nd half because allen and collins were playing better but it sounds like he had a soft tissue injury so im not sure how that will translate to workload - tbh if you have the option i'd start neither - but t west has the better touchdown upside which helps in terms of fantasy value and in .5 ppr allen's value isnt significantly higher because he likely only catches a few passes
  3. Thoughts on Dalvin Cook, AJ Green, and Christian McCaffrey moving forward. Trying to decide if I should trade now or hang on.
  4. Dalvin Cook looks phenomenal, AJ Green despite Dalton and the oline should pick up, and the panthers will make a point of featuring mccaffrey as much as possible although jonathan stewart will get goal line looks - id say if bradford lasts the season (not a guarantee by any stretch) then dalvin cook is the best option there especially as the rb position is such a quagmire - AJ Green is a phenomenal player but my fear is that the oline reduces the chances of regular deep completions (albeit the bengals probably just faced 2 of the best defences in the league 2 weeks in a row) - mccaffrey is more boom bust - if your league is ppr he's probably a decent play but if the choice is out 1/2 of those 3 then id take the other 2 ahead of him
  5. Yeah Cook I'm okay with. I'm gonna hold on for a week or two and see what happens.
  6. are these your guys or guys you're thinking of trading for?
  7. They're mine, but Green has been underperforming as well as McCaffrey. Cook gets a pass this week lol
  8. i'd play mccaffrey on a matchup basis but id start cook and green week-week and just assume AJ Green sorts it out -

    certainly this upcoming week id play both green and mccaffrey - panthers playing vs the worst defense in the league who the pats just carved up with only 3 receivers - rbs and tight ends had huge games in the passing game which bodes well for mccaffrey especially as the panthers arent designing so many draws/designed runs for cam anymore

    AJ Green should also start, the packers defence came back down to earth and im not sure even the bengals oline is as bad as the seahawks - they may also not be facing mike daniels which would be big for them - the packers literally just benched their starting slot corner because he was awful and seem to now have demarius randall there for the foreseeable future and while he's an improvement he's not a world beater - and it makes their safety depth a little worse which is important when AJ Green is almost certainly going to draw a safety on most plays

    Cook is facing the bucs who do look like a frisky outfit on defence and gerald mccoy is a bully and the bucs defence looked much improved although they only played the bears so far who dont have a single wide receiver left on their roster... if there was a week to bench cook it might be this week (until you know what the bucs defence really looks like but he also has the potential to absolutely go off and it only takes one long touchdown run to make him worth starting) especially if bradford isnt playing - id have to say though that if bradford is playing its probably worth starting him too - and tbh... cook's game against pittsburgh looks like an abberation in terms of fantasy value because they were chasing the game from the outset so he only had 12 rushes - he still averaged 5.3 yards per rush - he just needs to progress in the passing game

    depends on your other players of course - but i think all 3 are certainly viable starters this week - mccaffrey and aj green both have decent matchups and green is a superstar anyway - cook looks like he could be a potential superstar as well and he hasnt even started being used in the passing game a huge amount yet...
  9. Solid analysis. Jay Ajayi was someone I was looking at for a trade option. Just keeping my options open.
  10. i was very impressed with jay ajayi this week - he had 120 yards or so but he did it with a long of 20 which is unlike last year - suggests he's steady and sustainable week to week at worst - although chargers defensive tackles arent amazing
  11. Yeah, I lost this week, which is why I was ready to have a fire sale. haha But I'll give it another week.

    My WRs/TEs; Keenan Allen, AJ Green, Martavis Bryant, Cooper Kupp, Corey Davis, Jordan Reed, Kyle Rudolph
    RBs; Devonta Freeman, McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook, Chris Thompson, Terrance West

    I actually really like my RBs. Just need the rooks to step it up and if AJ gets going, my WRs aren't bad at all. Would like another strong performer, but good nonetheless.
  12. Dude, you're team is loaded. Looking at next week's matchups as I see them right now and I'm assuming you're in a standard (or low ppr) 2 wr, 2rb, 1 te, 1 flex game

    Always start freeman and aj green because there's no point not starting them they're too good players to leave out

    If you know he's healthy then also start jordan reed (although Kyle Rudolph is a pretty decent backup)

    This week id definitely start Bryant because he's vs the bears who have schematically been trying to take away teams number 1s (only thing to think about here is whether you believe in the steelers offense home vs road thing)

    49ers defense has looked good, as has Seattle and KC's which means I wouldn't play cooper kupp or Corey Davis - I'd be tempted to flex Keenan Allen though (he's so good when he's on song)

    Terrance west and chris Thompson both have bad matchups this week

    I'd start Dalvin cook as your other starting rb but that's more conjecture coz he's a rookie - I believe that IF Bradford is back then as long as the vikings aren't chasing the game he'll put up numbers

    And mccaffrey is a good play vs the porous saints defense

    So for me it's between Allen and mccaffrey for the flex spot this week (unless you prefer Allen to Bryant in which case it's Bryant vs mccaffrey)

    Either way you've got a pretty loaded roster there with lots of good looking potential matchups

    Often if I can't decide between two players I go through a list of 4 things: 1) touchdown upside 2) home field advantage 3) who would I regret leaving out more if they blew up 4) who am I least likely to root against in real life - in that order lol
  13. For those who still have Tarik Cohen available still in their leagues I would recommend picking him up. I got Jordan Howard in the draft (didn't want him to begin with) but with the Bears playing behind a lot Cohen is getting most the receptions on the team. Solid starter in garbage time.
  14. Close. 2RB, 3WR, 1W/TE, Flex

    Haha I'll keep that list in mind. Thanks for the advice man!
  15. I drafted Howard too. Bust so far
  16. Happy hunting
  17. Lost by 2 points this week with the Lions taking the humble approach and running on the last 4th and 10 while on the Giants 24. My fate was essentially sealed when Theo Riddick fought for the last yard on the previous long 3rd down conversion. At least it's an early heartbreak. Not many weeks I would expect to have Ezekiel Elliot and LeSean McCoy play through their full contests and amass a combined 17 rushing yards. Same goes for Larry Fitzgerald's woeful output with David Johnson sidelined. That said, do I drop Martellus Bennett for Jason Witten? Witten has been a target monster lately, which wasn't always the case last year. I've tried to trade Jarvis Landry and Bennett for a trade up at TE but to no avail. I could also shop around either Tyreke Hill or Doug Martin. I'm likely holding on to Kennan Allen, Kareem Hunt and DeAndre Hopkins.
  18. Cooper Kupp or Jordan Reed/Kyle Rudolph/Ben Watson?

    Pick three; Chris Thompson, Devonta Freeman, mcCaffrey, Dalvin Cook
  19. I'd use buck due to t west not being 100%. He may be the best option going forward because he is proving to be a good 3rd down option, plus he is splitting carries pretty evenly
  20. I think Witten would be a solid option. I was lower my expectations because I don't see him producing as much as he is now, but I seem him as a reliable TE for Cowboys team that is struggling.

    Another option, our own Ben Watson. It's only one week, but once Flacco starts to trust you, it's on. He may be a sneaky addition that nobody bats an eye at except Ravens fans.

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