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Fantasy Football Advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Tight end in fantasy is all about touchdowns to be honest so I think Cameron brate could be a good play this week
  2. I have Buck starting this week I just struggle with it because I feel like Buck will get more snaps but I feel like we are using Twest like the pats used Blount last season a goal line smash it in for a TD kind of back which can obviously lead to him taking over in points if he's getting the TD's
  3. Appreciate the second opinion. I thought the same and did just that. Though I might pick up Watson as suggested as well. Could be a real weapon as a lateral TE.
  4. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    lol Holy chit.
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  5. Now that's a close one. lol I was on the losing end of one of those a couple of weeks ago. Lost by .6
  6. Yikes! That is a crushing blow. If it helps, I might tie or take a loss after stat corrections. That three yard gain by Fitzgerald looked like a 2 yard or even a 1.5 yard gain. How did you lose? Anyone let you down specifically?
  7. DeMarco Murray. 4.8 pts
  8. Ouch. I know the feeling. If I lose this week off of stat corrections, it'll be because the Ravens D/ST netted me -4 points. Glad that Murray had a big week for you yesterday.
  9. Funny story, I didn't start him. Hahaha fantasy football, man. I had ravens defense too, it cost me a win this week.

    (0-3), (1-2), (2-1) in my three leagues.

    The 0-3, I took over someone dynasty. They're in like year 3, so still trying to work it out.
  10. Decided to give J.J Nelson a chance this week.

  11. Ah, can't count the dynasty one at all then. Just wouldn't be fair. Basically a win-win in that if you do well, good on you, if not, you were given difficult odds to begin with. Good or decent enough starts otherwise to keep pace or pull ahead. Rats. I can't blame you. Looked for sure like Derrick Henry was going to stump Murray's progress. Sorry to hear that the D/ST cost you as well.
  12. Yeah they were actually saying Jaron Brown had a better chance off waivers because JJ was nursing an injury? I think it worked out well if you picked up Jaron
  13. I lost 190 to 187, while the other 12 teams in the league didn't score over 50. I blame this loss on dumb luck (scheduling)
  14. Wow, that's a bummer.
  15. My team is actually a better team than hers. She just had all her stars aligned on Sunday.
  16. Anyone here interested in taking over a team in my redraft league? The team is 4-0. One of three undefeated teams left. My coworker has yet to touch his roster and I have a feeling he's not gonna. He told me he hasn't looked at it yet. Lol and this week people are on a bye so I don't want someone going against an inactive.
  17. Half pt. PPR
    I have to start either buck Allen or Collins at my rb spot. Who would you go with?
  18. Collins because he might give you one big play or a touchdown while Allen might get a couple of catches he ain't taking them to the house - Allen is low floor low ceiling type play whereas Collins is a low floor high ceiling type play
  19. I'd say Collins as well. He broke off some nice runs. I could see him taking it to the house whereas Allen might get some dump offs, but nothing impactful. Plus, says a lot about Collins when Harbaugh went right back to him after the fumble. They believe in the kid.
  20. I’d take Collins. He’s most likely going to get the most touches and he is currently rushing 8.2 yards per carry and leading the NFL in ypc. Now imagine him with a real offense line, although the run blocking has been decent,

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