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Fantasy Football Advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. As much as I like Hill as a back, the way we use backs in a committee approach, he would probably not get much play. That being said his carries will increase, if one of our backs gets injured, so he may not be bad to keep on the bench, but I wouldn't think twice to cut him if you have someone better out there as a free agent or trade offer.
  2. Pick up the Jags defense and start them over Baltimore? Feel like with B-Will potentially out and pur secondary without Jimmy, Jags defense could get me more points. Yes or No?
  3. we can also pick baker off 2-3 times
  4. Guy in my league tried to sell Barkley high, I think he's starting to regret this choice.

    The Trade:
    Devonte Freeman
    Saquon Barkley
    Jarvis Landry


    Todd Gurley
    Josh Gordon
  5. Fix my flex:
    Drake @ Pitt
    Gore vs Philly
    or Ridley vs Seattle?
  6. calvin
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  7. Hrmf, Falcons activated 3rd QB from their PS, looks like Ryan not playing. You might want to reconsider.
  8. Yeh that worries me. It can't be Drake now because a) the dolphins are awful, and b) he's lost the lead role to Walton.

    So Calvin with a backup QB, or Gore against a strong Philly run D...

    Reckon the floor is higher for Gore and the ceiling is higher for Ridley.
  9. I tend to be someone who picks QB's late in fantasy drafts because of the QBs that are available in the 7th through 10th rounds, depending on the size of the league. That being said, I may be picking a QB or more specifically Lamar Jackson much earlier next year due to him being essentially two players on the team. He's like having a QB and RB wrapped up into one.

    How early do you feel he could be drafted in fantasy leagues?
  10. Top 5-10
  11. with fantasy my main philosophy is you pick the guys you want when you know you can get them and be smart with everyone else - he should be the first qb picked in any fantasy draft - there's always depth of points at qb which lowers his draft spot a little with the other options but id say round 4 is probably where people should start thinking about any of the running qbs - but let's be honest people take qbs earlier than that - you may have to pick him up in the 3rd round next year to guarantee you get him although obviously worth checking the average draft spot...

    lamar is averaging nearly 30pts per game in standard scoring which is absurd
  12. top 5 to 10 players? I could absolutely see a team drafting him in the first round, without a doubt.
  13. Lamar is going to change my entire draft philosophy on QBs. Damn you LJ...........................Glad your on my team!!!!! and Fuck you Redskins
  14. Yeah, there's only handful of guys who consistently break 20+ / 30
  15. I never regretted picking Wilson with my 1st if I don't get to draft in top 5-6
  16. wilson is typically around until the 5th round. Maybe the 4th isn't larger team leagues
  17. Assuming Stafford is healthy, should I start him or Ryan? Or Goff? I have 3 QBs right now.
  18. I drafted Matt Ryan late thinking he would be my starter with Lamar being a good backup for the BYE.... boy was I was wrong lol. Lamar and CMac have carried my whole team so far. My WRs are ok, it hurts now with Brandin Cooks being out. My TE situation is even worst as I'm hoping just for them to get to the projected points. I drafted our defense with success but the 49ers D was a free agent so I'm going with them the rest of the season lol. I'm in first place in my friend's league so no complaints.
  19. I'd start Stafford
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  20. @SepticeyePoe I had no idea:

    [courtesy of @JO_75 ]

    FWIW there's no question mark next to Ryan in our dynasty league but he was pretty ginger last couple weeks.

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