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Fantasy Football Advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Yeah, seems like he's not going to play. Ryan appears to be healthy.
  2. Darnold or Ryan? I'm leaning Darnold because he's been putting up points lately and he's going against the Bengals. I'm not sure I trust Ryan.
  3. Sammy D
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  4. Guys, help me win my final (one of two this year!). I have too many players I want on the field. Lineup:


    Now, for those 3 question marks, I need to pick 3 from:
    Metcalf vs Cardinals
    Mostert vs Rams
    AJ Brown vs Saints
    Perriman vs Texans

    I can make a case for all 4 and I'm going out of my mind here. Never thought I would have all these options after Ridley and Evans got injured. It's a non-PPR league.
  5. Moestert
  6. Ryan or Tannehill? Currently starting Tannehill because he's been hot. Should I be worried about the Saints' defense?
  7. Hahhaha
    Ryan or Tannehill sounds real funny
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  8. lol, I'd play RT. Can't trust Matt Ryan
  9. you know what. I think you know who you want to play, you just wanted to make this post.
  10. I didn't realize it until @allblackraven pointed it out lol. Been flip flopping all week
  11. Alright guys new year, new advice time. I won my friend's league last year thanks to Lamar taking the world by storm and doing what he did. I got him in the 13th round last year but knew that wasn't going to happen this year. I also forgot about my friend's Draft earlier tonight and it auto drafted me my team. It gave me a pretty good team, Kyler Murray is my starter and Baker Mayfield was my backup but I dropped him for Philip Rivers due to the Colts facing the Jags in week one.

    So week one... Kyler Murray vs 49ers or Rivers against the tanking Jaguars?
  12. Rivers
  13. I’d say Rivers as well. Probably out to prove something. What better way than against hapless Jags.
  14. A guy in my other dynasty wants Jacobs.
    Thoughts on his trade proposals?

    Jacobs + 2021 1st for Kamara+Preston Williams+2021 4th


    Jacobs + 2021 2nd for Jerry Jeudy + Antonio Gibson + Ryquell Armstead + 2021 4th
  15. I am a “draft QBs in the late rounds” kind of guy. But Lamar fell to me in the 2.10 spot and I just couldn’t pass him up. Zeke+Lamar.

    Feeing pretty damn good haha
  16. yeah, I haven’t done a redraft in a couple of years, but I did one this year. Only difference is we had a superflex spot so you could actually run two QBs. I picked last at #12. Mahomes and Lamar went a pick apart and were gone before my pick.

    I landed Russ tho, so I feel good about that as well.
  17. Lol i also have murry with baker as my backup
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  18. crazy question. Would anyone start reagor or hurst over odell this week? I mean you cant right because he gets screens, slants, reverses and all that right?
  19. kind of crazy. I would still start Odell.
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  20. I'd start Odell
    I guess everyone here drafted Murray
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