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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. With heavy heart and sad eyes, today we had to say goodbye to a member of the family. The hardest part of owning pets is the end, without question. We have put down two Shih Tzu's in 16 months. Our neighbor called Lila "A Little Lady" and she was absolutely a little lady. Now she is with her best friend, Kookie, on the other side of the rainbow.

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  2. Sorry, man. As a lifelong rescuer of dogs, I know the pain well. The joy they give us while living really does make up for the incredible pain when they leave. Big hug.
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  3. Sincerely sorry for your loss Sir. Pets are family. Know it’s a huge hole without A Little Lady around (love the name btw)
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  4. well her name was Lila, which means night in Hebrew, but her nickname was "A Little Lady", which will be on her urn.
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  5. :(
  6. it absolutely does. Makes it all worth it and then some.
  7. Sorry to hear about this but you can always know you gave these dogs great lives. It's tough to be a pet owner but I'll always have dogs in my life.
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  8. Sorry for your loss my friend
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  9. 2 extremely similar questions.

    Do we have the ammunition in ldraft picks and money/restructuring to make something happen in either of the following 2 situations?

    We're 4 games into the season and we have something like 0 or 1 sacks and are not getting enough pressure.

    We're 4 games in and AV is no better than Fluker from last year at RT.

    Do we have the ability to make an in season move that can really effect our chance at a Superbowl run?

    I really have a lot of faith in this team. I just also feel like if we see that we still have the problems that have plagued us for the last 3 years, we should probably try to make a move to fix it rather than just get bounced in the first or second round.
  10. As an owner of an incredibly affectionate pet, I feel for you. I can't imagine a day without mine.
  11. hard to say - we dont have many avenues to create more money this year - any moves made in season will be cheaper because we wont have to pay the full year's salary but for any significant move the money is still an issue

    we've got tons of draft picks and ammo to do whatever we want with them but we don't have a ton of cap flexibility - there are teams with less cap space than us but we haven't got a ton of flexibility to make a ton of money with the guys under contract this year...

    ultimately if there's a guy who the front office and coaching staff think fixes a fatal flaw in the team and they're available then they have the ability to make it happen but i think they either have to be a game-changer or be on their rookie deal (and still be reasonably cheap) or both in order for us to make that happen
  12. That all sounds really reasonable. I'm just hoping we don't find a fatal flaw on the OLine it Edge.
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  13. and i still do think it's likely we add a vet to the EDGE room if the prices come down a bit which they might as we get closer to the season and the ravens will be an attractive option for EDGE vets who will see snaps available in our OLB room to take
  14. Probably gonna be edge
  15. Yo we have sooooo many cbs lol
  16. Given our history of injuries with this group, Ion blame them.
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  17. I understand PFF not being the end-all-be-all, but come on now....

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  18. I was tripping about this too but then i actually looked and its not too far off.. other than them putting the rookie rbs over him, its not all that bad. Oh and antonio gibson was also ahead of him lol.. to me, i think he is a better back than jonathan taylor but at same time idk if he and gus are just products of our system..
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  19. Bullshit. Stop downplaying the ravens so hard, you try way too hard to not sound like a homer to the point that you justify that bullshit. He led the league in YPC with >6 and hit 800 rushing yards and 9 TDs despite being in a 4 man rotation for half the season and only getting an increased workload late in the year.

    Dobbins rookie performance was nothing short of absurd, he deserves bare minimum top 20 and that’s being generous to pff, and there damn sure shouldn’t be a single rookie ahead of him.
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  20. Anyone saying, or even merely suggesting, that Dobbins is not at the very least a top 15-20 RB and a possible product of the system are not just wrong, but they’re dumb in their thinking. If anything, he was held back by it. If you noticed, every single time one of the RBs got into a rhythm they were immediately taken out of the game. Which not only stops them from putting up the numbers they are fully capable of, but also caused them to get back out of rhythm, AKA getting them out of their “zone”. So stop. Please just stop.
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