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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Why would you hate the Pats anymore? If anything they're deserving of your pity.
  2. They had about 2 decades of arrogance and entitlement. They deserve ZERO pity.
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  3. They’re falling down the list but I’ve yet to forgive them lol
    On another note, Brady is trending in the opposite direction. He was one of the players I disliked with a passion but Tampa Brady is hilarious and has changed my opinion on him.
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  4. Tampa Brady is my 2nd favorite qb after Lamar. NE Brady is my most hated player ever.

    pretty sure NE was what I hated, not Brady.
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  5. Ditto. Love his competitiveness. I gained so much respect for him after he beat Atlanta, and then again when he left NE. Reminds me of my favorite basketball player of all time in Kobe.
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  6. I have no problem with Brady. The QB i hated the most was Philip Rivers. He was so arrogant. I never get a sense of arrogance from Brady.
  7. I love that he’s such a cornball wack ass mf who is an absolute assassin on the field in this violent grown ass mans sport. The mere presence of Brady is fucking comedy
  8. tbh i didnt even really mind late-stage NE Brady either (although that might be sacrilege to admit lol) - and maybe that was partly because the ravens were never really contenders at the end there... that being said i definitely routed against him in every single superbowl... until last year...
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  9. I wouldn't mind him wondering into my house by mistake, but he certainly wouldn't leave without an autograph! Maybe he can sign a deflated football.
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  10. Besides, Tampa Tom is built different.
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  11. Cry Brady. Guess you all forget. Time does heal wounds I guess. I will forever hate him. Sure he can be cool when times are good and the allstar show did move to Tampa with him.
  12. This thread is making me sick.
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  13. Brady the person is and always was a scumbag. Hard to believe people fall for the mr. innocent nice guy act.
  14. I know we don't have a general MLB Postseason thread but man if only Nick Markakis played another year with the Braves. Would have finally been able to play in a World Series which is truly what he deserves. On the bright side, the Braves didn't choke away their 3-1 lead but I guess just like the Falcons, they are saving their biggest choke for when it matters most.
  15. I hated Brady til he was out of NE, I could never forgive the patriots for 2014

  16. Only reason I hated the Pats was because of all the closes games we had against them. All the games that they would exploit something we didn't even know existed to win? Yea those were the reasons lol
  17. Queen had another good game vs the Bengals. Nice to see him have a couple good games, wonder if Bynes is giving him that steadying presence he needed next to him. His breakdown of plays he was in on was 11 run def; 14 pass def; 2 prsh. He needs to continue to stack these weeks.
  18. BTW, for those of us saying Ronnie Stanley is soft
  19. Why in the world would people call him soft? It was a freak injury and it clearly didn’t heal correctly. Stuff happens give the guy a break. I’m sure he’d rather be on the field playing rather than physical therapy which is always annoying

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  20. oh man i miss him - he's so freaking good at LT - so many of my feelings of doubt about this season would have been erased if he'd been able to come back healthy - it really can be easy to forget after all the games he's now missed just how amazing he is - he was an all-pro for a reason

    alas, hopefully this short term disappointment means we can finally have him back in 2022 and beyond
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