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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. run it up the gut and take the 4 yards a pop until they do something different

    or play-action and let hollywood or andrews win - hollywood likely 1v1 if you get a look like that and andrews likely has a lot of space to work with on a crosser

    or you run a screen

    or you have pat ricard leak out rather than block and rumble for a modest gain

    there's lots of ways to beat it depending on how they react to any motion

    but good plays vs that kind of look might be a toss play, an outside veer type deal... basically plays that help you get out on the edge

    toss-option plays probably effective - im guessing though based on a lack of experience with actual specific stuff like this (im still fairly new to football generally)
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  2. for sure - but i dont know that pass rushing is what he's going to do for us necessarily (i could be wrong and he's particularly effective absorbing blocks to make other pass rushers successful so he may end up on a lot of pass rush packages that end successfully even if he isnt productive in terms of pressure numbers etc.)
  3. Wolfe and Campbell will get all the snaps they can handle and should be our starting 2 down linemen in nickel and dime packages. They're going to form a very disruptive interior.
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  4. All of what Rossi said, plus teams need the adequate talent on defense to successfully try to defend us.
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  5. No one here can tell you. They had a game plan vs us and it worked. They probably had certain assignments whenever we hopped in those run heavy formations.
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  6. idk - i think there's going to be a lot of rotation as per - campbell might see a larger share simply because he's so talented but also because he has the flexibility to play anywhere across the line including EDGE

    i think we'll see a lot of madubuike and maybe even broderick washington too in that rotation - and while brandon williams wont be playing a lot of flexible snaps he's going to get more snaps back at his natural nose tackle (but will inevitably play some nickel and dime)

    im fully expecting Calais to play a lot of the high leverage downs but im not sold on wolfe being that 2nd option in the nickel and dime packages - think that could be a role madubuike wins early in his career with his lateral quickness
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  7. Flacco signed with the Jets
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  8. Now they really are the Ravens of the East.
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  10. The legend of January Joe lives forever, but is no longer with us in the physical realm.
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  11. its almost more mystical if it never happens again - it was a wild 5 year ascension to the top (only to fizzle away - with a brief reappearance in 2014)

    every year further removed from the superbowl run, it seems even less possible - the fact that Joe Flacco had maybe the best 4 game stretch of QB play in the playoffs in the superbowl era is outrageous to think about
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  12. bro like wtf happened there, that man played the patriots in 2011 and we were sold that he was an elite franchise qb for the next 4 years, but he stopped being an elite qb literally a year and a week later, but not before he won a fucking super bowl mvp and was a total juggernaut against great competition in the playoffs and practically carrying ray lewis to a retirement ring
  13. straight up i wouldnt even be that mad. ld get bummed about not winning obviously but id shed a man tear for joe
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  14. Yeah but that assumes the Jets get there in January.
  15. no they aren't. they don't have pitta yanda suggs and all the injuries yet
  16. Eli Manning is officially on Twitter... and of course him and Brady renewed their rivalry.

    Brady: Welcome @EliManning, In typical fashion, you never showed up until the 4th quarter anyway

    Eli's Response: Hope your golf game is as polished as your Twitter game. Don’t hit it in the lumberyard.
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  17. I saw that, but didn't take it as real because I don't follow Brady. Glad to know it was real. Awesome
  18. I don't think dirty thoughts my friend. And Lamar isn't going to lose any more playoff games. Mark it down. The thought of Flacco beating him in the playoffs is so far fetched it is near impossible. First of all he isn't even the 1st back up for Darnold right now. Second of all you really don't think the Jets are going to the playoffs do you? Third of all nobody beats Lamar Jackson anymore, not in the regular season and absolutely not in the playoffs!
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  19. Lol super optimistic.. hope it turn out to be true. Went from flacco winning atleast one playoff evert appearance to being one and done for last two yrs
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