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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. It’s toney
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  2. Usually guys that we all like arent
    Coming here.. so thats a no to bateman and
    Moore and
  3. Hey everyone been away for a bit been focusing on other things outside of football, hope yall are doing well and ngl I missed being here and talking to all of you :)

    I haven't been too involved in the draft process this year but I've still watched a little bit of film and highlights as well as watching the majority of Edgars youtube videos.

    Before I go on a tangent about some WRs I just wanna say I want Creed Humphrey over anything else rn. Center has been a huge issue for us the past 2 years and I think its a more pressing issue for us than RT with Lamar at QB. Internal pressure is always going to be any QBs worst nightmare and we've seen it derail our superbowl hopes the last 2 years. Humphrey could be one of those guys that ends up playing 10+ years at a very high level, you place him at Center and don't look back. He's a perfect fit for our scheme and we've had our eyes on him as a board since he was a freshman. If he becomes a Raven its a slam dunk.

    My favorite WR prospects for us at least in round 1 in order are Bateman, Marshall, Moore. Bateman is obviously the best of the bunch imo as he's the most consistent and fills the void of outside threat. I think Marshall has a higher ceiling although his drops are a bit worrisome, he's only 20 and will only get better, comes from a prestigious university known for producing quality receivers. Moore is probably my crush of the bunch, has the best hands i've seen but I don't see us picking him as he'd take opportunities away from Hollywood. I'm not sure he'd win enough outside for us and that's really what we need from the position. If we don't go WR in rd 1 and trade a pick to drop into Rd2 2 id love for us to snag Dyami Brown, this kid can straight ball. He's been extremely overlooked imo and could be a day 1 impact player.

    Edge is a position I've probably watched the least and that's more or less because I think this class is extremely underwhelming. Ojulari is prob my favorite of the bunch just because he's the flashiest but he's def a one pitch only kinda guy even though that pitch is extremely effective. Basham is someone I think fits perfectly for us but he's more of a rd2 guy, he'd get to learn from Mcphee and I think we'd be the perfect landing spot for his own sake.

    Also I'd love to snag a slot corner somewhere in the middle rounds with Youngs issues staying healthy if ya'll have some recommendations on who to watch feel free to lmk. I havent watched any corners outside of Jaycee Horn during the season

    sorry for the long post just wanted to get some thoughts out before the draft tomorrow. I'll be hanging out in the gameday thread during the draft to hang with everyone.
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  4. Some slots to get your eyes on:

    kary Vincent jr, tre Brown (played almost entirely outside only but at 5’9 probably has to move inside), Aaron Robinson, trill Williams - the ones I can think of off the top of my head - Elijah molden too (although I’m not a big fan of his)

    if you wanna watch one of the best cbs in the class who plays a lot of slot - have a look at asante samuel jr (but probably going early)

    also worth noting that some of the safety class this year have some nice man coverage ability out of the slot too
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  5. After a quick glance at all of them besides samuel, Vincent looks like the best pure cover guy and has some ball skills, that pick vs oklahoma was impressive range. Dont really like Robinson much prefer Williams over him, seem like similar players though. Tre Brown got some kinda speed on him like wow, remember seeing him from watching Oklahoma through the years, competitive kid, i like him a lot. Molden just seems like a typical Harbaugh guy to me lol seems to lack length (his arms look really short) and athleticism though.
  6. i love vincent jr and i love especially his versatility and flexibility to play different spots ranging from nickel to free safety
    i really like tre brown too

    another guy to look at is marco wilson - inside/outside versatility - super athlete - serious maturity issues

    and for posterity it's probably worth watching shaun wade too albeit i dont think he's got the hips to play slot corner (and i dont like him outside either tbh)
  7. this got old real fast
  8. You know i actually wanted him right lol.. that was me begging the football gods hoping they would hear me cry and show us some pity
    #19468 Deebo813, Apr 30, 2021
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2021
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  9. I absolutely know you wanted him. Reverse psychology, I get it. Now lets do it for the next 5 rounds also!
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  10. Are you trying to apply to be a supporting member of the #SIIE Council? Because that's what this sounds like.
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  11. Why not make it 10
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  12. I hope Oweh wears #28 don’t @ me
  13. Why 28?
  14. his college number
  15. Dude is as fast as a DB/RB so I don’t see why not lol
  16. So I'm trying something different this year and paid zero attention to the pre-draft cycle.

    I kind of realized that I would spend countless hours watching tape falling in love with prospects only to stress out seeing them go to other teams, and most of the time they'd be busts so I don't really know shit anyway.

    It's been kinda fun to just watch and just trust that EDC knows what hes doing.
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  17. ive done the opposite - although because i watched so many, there's tons of guys i like - i was a bit frustrated with the stephens pick just because he's not someone id got round to (because no one ever mentioned him and there was no obvious tape anywhere)

    but i like being able to go into day 3 and actually know the guys who teams are picking and be able to have an opinion on them
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  18. Every year there would be 1 or 2 guys I'd never heard of, Stephens must be our first lol
  19. it's the first time i remember not knowing a ravens prospect on day 2
    but at least he wasnt the first prospect id not heard of who got taken in the draft this year - cowboys picked up someone i'd never come across (or even heard of too)

    normally the ravens prospect you've never heard of happens some time in round 5
  20. Would Boykin be someone to convert to TE? We did that with Waller and it worked out wonderfully, albeit for the Raiders.

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