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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. miles isnt physical enough to survive inside at TE - if the question is, can he be more of a big slot, then that's worth asking i suppose but then the question is... why take better receivers out of the slot to give miles snaps?

    i dont think he's physical enough, big enough or a good enough in-line blocker to do the things a TE does in this offence - he can play like a big slot receiver potentially - probably worth finding that out in camp but i dont see that as being a way for him to make the field
  2. For a real random thought, I'm curious what covid rules will carry over to this season.

    Practice squads were supposed to be 12 this year, before jumping to 14 next year. Because of covid, they went to 16 last year. Will they keep it at 16 or go to 12 like they were supposed to, or just split the difference at 14 a year early?

    Will there be as much flexibility for veterans on practice squads like there was last year?

    Will covid callups still be a thing if vaccinations happen for a large percentage of players?
  3. questions i would like to know the answer to also
  4. Unless there is some improvement made by him, i think elliot liable to lose his job
  5. to who? The rookies are intriguing but are they really good enough to take over this season?
  6. I think Elliott at worst is going to get subbed at times.

    Elliott is a much better player than you seem to believe lol
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  7. At worst he’ll play dime backer but more likely he starts at safety and then we bring in jimmy or one of the rookies as the 3rd safety with chuck dropping into dime backer on dime snaps
  8. Lamar could possibly be the fastest to beat 31 teams in nfl? Well if we ever beat kc
  9. This made me go through the teams left. Broncos are the only team we haven't played with him on the roster. Saints and Panthers Flacco was the starter and KC just keeps sonnin us. That's crazy.
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  10. Seems a bit weird for NFL players to have to play more games this year and not expand the roster limit
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  11. Every time I think of KC I get shades of Manning being beat all the time by Brady and the Pats. Smh
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  12. interestingly - brady has a chance to meet manning in the 32 team club this year coz the bucs play the pats...

    but also - ive got lamar at 23 teams beaten...
    Panthers, Bears, Broncos, Lions, Packers, Chiefs, Vikings, Saints (and obviously the ravens)

    if this is any game he's played and not as a starter then you can scratch the broncos off the list (because flacco beat them while lamar was on the roster)

    we do play the NFC North this year so there's a chance to scratch off 4 more of those teams + we also play the chiefs and broncos so a chance to finally scratch those 2 off also

    so if all goes well, by the end of the year there will only be 3 teams left - panthers and saints (and ravens)
  13. Definitely missed the NFC North somehow.

    Really hoping Roman isn't bs about expanding the offense. Can't keep running our qb like this. We need to get this Chiefs win out the way too.

    Edit... i just messed that whole thing up.
  14. What you smoking on?
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  15. bUt tHeY cArE aBoUt pLaYeR sAfEtY
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  16. lets just hope he only beats 31 teams!
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  17. We beat the Broncos in 2018 and he was active for it
  18. I dnt like our S tandem man lol..
  19. Lol we know you don’t, doesn’t mean they’re nearly as bad as you make them out to be, like it’s not the best tandem in the league, but they’re serviceable.
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  20. What don't you like about them though? DeShon hits like a truck and reminds me of Pollard except without the bad attitude (and better coverage skills as well) while Clark is just a smart, solid player. I still think we could use a better coverage safety out there so that we could have DeShon and Clark play closer to the line, but it's hard to complain about our safety play overall.
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