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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. and these comments is why I posted it on these boards.
  2. All good numbers except the 38 for Mason. But FBs never get good numbers. Also I know rules have expanded but him getting 38 sounds a lot more like a FB than a TE
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  3. Random thoughts used to be random thoughts, and not exactly Ravens related comments that actually have logic and should be in threads, correct? Today is honestly one of the first times I’ve ever read this
  4. #38 is actually one of my favorites
  5. on this forum it's mostly just been miscellaneous ravens stuff that doesn't necessarily fit into other threads but doesnt need it's own thread...

    there's a dump thread in the off-topic section for anything else...
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  6. i had a feeling oweh and hayes would be the other way around but assumed 1 of them would take 99 and the other would take either 56 or 59
  7. Go Ravens.
  8. 99, as in soon to be 99 overall rating on Madden
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  9. The Random Thoughts thread was started for Ravens related information where there wasn't a specific thread and we didn't want someone just opening a thread as a one off for that particular post. I started it so the board wouldn't get too cluttered. As a matter of fact there was another thread around the same time that wasn't getting used and I ended up merging the two.

    There is a Dump thread in the off topic forum for those non football related discussions.

    The Signings, Trades thread was started a couple years ago for just that purpose, to keep these in one particular thread, but even this has gone off path to a large extent. lol
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  10. Oweh might be the first Ravens jersey I buy.
  11. We went from having no wrs to alot of wrs lmao.. man i hope lamar improves like a mf. Along with our passing scheme. Not trying to hurt any outsiders this season defending my qb
  12. Don't look now, but we have now gone through 3 drafts and haven't drafted one player from 'bama. (2019-2021)

    In the 2017 and 2018 classes we drafted 2 'bama players in each of those drafts. Humprhey, T. Williams, Averett and Bozeman.

    No wonder we don't see @allblackraven around the boards that often anymore.
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  13. Interesting Stat....

    Bateman, Wallace and DeVonta Smith were the only three wide receivers in this class to average 3.0 yards per route run in each of the past two seasons."
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  14. Very cool! Good company
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  15. I enjoy being able to see the “behind the scenes”. Thanks for hunting it down and posting it for me!
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  16. Pretty fitting how much purple and black he wore through all that! On the training field and even during the draft lol. He at least subconsciously wanted to be a Raven
  17. I wonder what sami thinks of our team rn lolol
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  18. ....

    @Dom McRaven
  19. Nah. I'm not bothered by him tbh. You can use it for your own personal use.

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