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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. It’s a term another Ravens great used.. but yes you’re right LOL
  2. I wonder if the Patriots will be the team on Hard Knocks this season. If I recall correctly, it has to be a team that neither made the playoffs nor brought in a new head coach. This is the first season in forever they met that first criteria.
  3. That would be great but they're not eligible. The criterion is not making the playoffs for the last TWO years.

  4. ryan jensen, to me, really feels like the one who got away - i really wish we'd found a way to keep him especially since the offensive style change with Lamar
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  5. Since Tim Tebow is returning to the NFL, it prompted me to watch THAT GAME. The playoff game against the Steelers where it seemed everything was looking up for him. That year was something else... Tebow would play terrible for 58 minutes and by some miracle gets good late in the fourth quarter and would lead the Broncos to victory. I wonder what could have happened if they had just kept him as the backup behind Manning.

  6. I think we have to start out atleast 6-2 so we can have room for error
  7. Tebow was terrible imo lol. couldve been back up behind brady and manning
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  8. Absolutely and a lot of mfs on the boards were acting like he was overpaid and we didn’t need him.

    we went all those years searching for a center, had an OL in shambles for years, we spent years grooming this tough alpha sob to go from T to G then finally to C, and after he has his breakout year, we let him walk.

    I’m still pissed over it. If we move Bozeman to C and he is an absolute stud like Jensen was, we need to retain him.
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  9. That’s what happens when you give a mediocre QB all that money
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  10. Yes i remember .. jensen was a mf dog for us and soon as he left or was on the verge of leaving, they acted like he meant nothing.
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  11. Ouch
  12. That was peak ravens homerism. I couldn’t let it slide lol, y’all trippin if you think letting Jensen walk is a good idea.
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  13. Or paying a NT >10m or a blocking TE 7m a year
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  14. Agreed. There’s a reason they moved Moriarity from cap guy to some other random position in the Castle. Great guy, seems like a smart guy even, but he sucked at cap
  15. Here it is. We couldn’t pay Jensen but we could pay a fucking NT and Tony Jefferson. Idc about all the evidence that suggests our defense regresses without bwill, let him walk and draft a goddamn NT on day 3 like every other team in the league and don’t pay big money to below average box safeties, and keep your center.

    I won’t disrespect Ozzie but I absolutely hated the moves we made from 13-17, and don’t blame flaccos contract because we still threw money at players who were either jack shit or a low value position, and we drafted one bust after another. Moves like bwill and Jefferson are still affecting this team to this very day, because that money should’ve been spent on guys like Jensen who could’ve been a difference in many games last year
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  16. except he’s still the guy in charge of contracts... we’ve got other cap guys too but pat’s still got a very similar role to what he had back then

    and it’s not on him to make cap decisions anyway - that’s still on the GM
  17. Matteo is in charge of the contract structures. Moriarity has now taken over a consulting role but is still involved in cap decisions - source: edc
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  18. I think we would have been fine even with the BWill and Jefferson contracts, if it weren't for the Ray Rice and Pitta situation. That being said, both of those contracts were absolutely overpays, without question.
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  19. “Still involved” and “in charge of” are two very different things
  20. 100% on Jensen. Big miss. I say fuck it and put Cleveland at center and let him treat NT's like they squirrels
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