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NFL Combine

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. A link to the full list of participants can be found here:


    slightly frustrated at some of the absences
    • Reggie Corbin RB (Illinois)
    • Chris Orr LB (Wisconsin)
    • Kevin Dotson OG (Louisiana-Lafayette) - im really annoyed about this one - he has a chance to be a top 100 pick or maybe a 4th-5th rounder but still that's worthy of going to the combine (especially as his OL partner Robert Hunt was invited)
    • Zach Shackelford OG (Texas) - this is egregious because the medicals are important with him - he's had ankle problems through his career and it would be helpful for that to be checked at the combine but alas
    • Tyler Clark DL (Georgia)
    • Bravvion Roy DT (Baylor)
    • Bryce Huff EDGE/LB (Memphis)
    Combine starts on February 23rd.
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  2. the 40 times are gonna be huge for Collin Johnson, Jauan Jennings, KJ Hill, Michael Pittman - in the case of the first two it could be the difference between going in the top 100 (i dont see it but that's where some have projected them) and going undrafted

    its fun to speculate about the guys at the top of the race who are going to hit the 4.2s etc. and that's exciting but ultimately their times wont be a real issue because we all know they are fast

    its prospects like the above 4 who can move up or down more significantly but if jennings runs anything slower than a 4.69 you're going to see him nosedive on big boards

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