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The 2020 Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Feb 13, 2020 at 8:55 PM.

  1. For any discussion topics related to the offseason that don't quite fit in the free agency thread or draft section and eventually will be here for the voluntary practice periods of the offseason.

    I'm starting this now because I wanted a place to air some thoughts on the rookie class we just had and where specifically Jaylon Ferguson and Miles Boykin could improve and what they need to do this offseason.

    For Miles, some of it comes down to comfort - he's clearly a plus-athlete and he's shown the ability to separate on film both in college and in the NFL but there's a trust issue obviously there with the coaches and Lamar that puts him low down in terms of the reads but he's definitely got the upside to be a dynamic weapon. He needs to work on his footwork a bit at the break to make those changes a bit sharper. The offseason should be big for him with Lamar - some of the miscues he had came from a miscommunication where he and Lamar read the situation differently and he needs to build that chemistry. But he showed some promise especially with a vertically based route tree (9 route, comeback and slant) that he can create separation and has been really good in the redzone finding and creating space and ironically not because of his length. But the redzone success is a good indicator of his potential to succeed between the 20s with more space available to the offence. The biggest thing for him this offseason is going to be earning the trust of the coaches (and Lamar) and if he does he's going to see more targets and more play designs that feature him more.

    Jaylon Ferguson got better with each game he played which is really encouraging but there's a couple of crucial things he's going to have to work on this offseason if he wants to develop into the player we would like him to be. He really needs to work on his counters (and in general needs to add a bit more nuance to his rush) at the moment he overpowers guys but he doesnt have a move to create space well - he does sometimes rip to disengage and it's violent and effective but its also a little late most of the time and I think he's maybe not always got a pass rush plan and he hasn't had enough reps to instinctively use a counter move, which is understandable given that in college he could get away with just being the most talented guy on the field and didn't need to worry about counters. But if he develops a rip move or a pull-push he's got the physical tools to make that work for himself. I'd like to see him physically get a little faster too - I'm not sure 2019 was his NFL body yet. But a pass rush plan would do him a lot of good especially if he starts using his feet more to threaten both inside and outside just to get into the shoulders of tackles a bit more at the moment there isn't much deception in his rushes. In the running game he definitely improved setting the edge - there were a few notable plays where he looked lost but down the stretch more often than not he was physical and strong on the edge and played good disciplined and forceful football - however his eye discipline and recognition definitely needs some work - sorting through motion and some other things really gave him some trouble.

    Lots of promising things to see from both the 3rd round picks. Ironically both at positions where we have needs this offseason and we'll likely add talent at both spots somehow but it would be a massive boon to the organisation if these guys could kick on in the 2nd year and first full NFL offseason.
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  2. Yeah the more I watch Jaylon the more I get frustrated because he's bullying opposing players at times in both the running game and the passing game but he just doesnt disengage - he's content to just push a guy around but then doesnt look to do more - that's something I'd expect the coaches to spend a lot of time with him on this offseason
  3. I was pleasantly surprised with Ferguson but you’re right, he’s a physical rusher with no plan to finish and not much desire to finish either it appears, kinda expected him to have that struggle too.

    I think as he’s working on rushing with a plan he should cut down a little bit of weight, he’s still a little fat looking and moves a little labored, I think 265 would have him moving a lot quicker and it would allow him to counter more naturally with athleticism rather than needing disengage moves which may be too complex for him at the moment.
  4. i dont know that he needs to cut weight but he definitely needs to improve his functional athleticism at that weight

    i just think Jaylon was so raw this year and partly that's because of his level of competition at college and partly that's because of his rushing style - it's promising however that after he got sidelined against the 49ers because of Mostert he seemed to take it like a personal insult and was much improved even by the next week - his game against the Bills was great and it was clear he'd focused on those things that got him benched just a week earlier

    the improvements he was making week to week really bode well - his last 4 games of the regular season were really good (i have no idea about the playoff game because i cant bring myself to watch it)

    just in general though i think he'll be better disengaging with a better plan and better hand usage - he's got heavy hands but didnt really use them
  5. Now James Hurst is suspended four game for using PED’s.
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  6. If Yanda retires this will sting allot more.
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  7. I think he is going to play out his contract and retire at the end of next season.
  8. except i think the ravens are at the point where they'll give him another year extension this offseason if he's coming back so that he can decide again next offseason - i dont think there's a way in the current situation where we let his contract end without him retiring
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  9. I hope so. He’s still playing at a pretty high level and his leadership among that group is big.
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