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The 2020 Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. great video - really nice to see them as a group
    i think daylon and otaro have a fight on their hands to make the 53 though - otaro i think has an easier path onto the roster if he can be impactful on special teams
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  2. Daylon needs work on his hands a little and at times he is a little high. But he's explosive at off the ball and there are stretches where he dominates.
    Very impressed by Madubuike. Im trying to remember if Ive seen him get outright moved off the line of scrimmage. Im sure it happens but no play in particular comes to mind.

    I like Alaka. It could be the scheme that Harrison plays in but I see Alaka as every bit as physical and more instinctive. Harrison is a bit robotic in that scheme...which is good to an extent in that he is doing his job but sometimes it is to a fault.
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  3. daylon mack's way onto the roster is basically to beat out whoever the competition is at backup nose tackle - but even if he wins that job and we keep 7 DL im not sure i see many snaps in his near future without a brandon williams injury...

    it might be between him and justin ellis for that 7th DL spot if we keep 7 (have included jihad ward as a DL rather than an EDGE)

    I like Alaka as well but unless there's a major upset, he's not going to play many snaps on defence this year so his way onto the roster and into earning snaps (by being active) is to win a major special teams role - i think that could be in his wheelhouse but that would basically be an open competition between him and Chris Board potentially for 1 spot on the roster (maybe they could both make it)

    the final spots on the 53 are going to be wild... how many QBs, how many DL, how many LBs, how many DBs, does chris moore make it purely based on special teams, does jordan richards make it purely on special teams, which TE wins the TE 3 role, is there a way bronson rechsteiner can win a role, who's the backup T and if it isn't Tyre Phillips then who is it and which IOL doesn't make the roster because of it, how many UDFAs make it...

    really interesting roster construction this year i think - the positions and camp battles that will have the biggest impact on our roster will be TE 3, what the makeup of the IOL turns out to be and can deshon elliott win (and keep) the 3rd safety role to allow chuck clark to continue to stay close to the LoS
  4. We have a lot of NFL-serviceable DLs on our roster I can see us carrying one more instead of an OLB/Edge. Edgar's Ellis Video is also informative and I didn't know he was playing as sound as the video showed. Tough decisions for edc
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  5. I think we carry 7, and I think Ellis and Mack are fighting for 1 spot

    the other thing is that the flexibility of Campbell and Jihad Ward means that it doesnt matter that we might only carry 4 OLB (including 1 who is most effective rushing from the inside anyway)

    my best guess right now having seen no one on the field yet (or heard any reports) is this:

    DL: Campbell, Wolfe, Williams, Madbuike, Ward, Washington, Ellis/Mack
    EDGE: Judon, Bowser, McPhee, Ferguson

    i think washington makes it and i think ellis and mack are basically fighting for a backup job - ellis is far more technically sound and steady but mack has a much more explosive ceiling but at nose tackle in our scheme im not sure that ellis isnt more what we'd want - there's a clear ceiling on their snaps no matter who wins that job... likely inactive on gamedays

  6. washington has decent hands. good hand fighter. Might be a better pro than he was college player.
  7. should go under the film breakdown thread.
  8. You’ve really changed your tune on him. His film has grown on me too, love his fit here, we very clearly are continuing the trend of positionless and we’re looking for a guy who’s got that versatility
  9. I actually believe both will make the roster.
  10. im not going to be ridiculous. I'm hoping for a slightly better version of de'angelo tyson. that would be realistic.
  11. Oh me either, I wasn’t saying he’s some special prospect lol, just that the ravens have a different taste in front seven guys than any team in the league, and Washington is probably a guy they valued a lot higher than others because he’s got that 3/5/7 flexibility
  12. I know it’s crazy, but I’m still holding out hope for Jaleel Scott. He was super raw coming up, but been improving every season. I also would hate if we were to cut him and he signs somewhere like the chiefs. I saw him and mahomes training together this off season

    maybe I just like a good underdog story lol
  13. i dont see a chance that jaleel makes the roster - would have to win a roll on special teams which means beating out chris moore and/or james proche
  14. yeah, he got a uphill battle to climb for sure. He offers that redzone / jump ball threat though, which nobody else in that group offers. I remember other ravens call him the redzone king or something similar from all the jump balls he comes down with in OTAs.

    hollywood, Snead, Boykin, duvernay are locks.

    Moore, Scott, Proche and Wesley will probably battle it out for the 2 remaining spots.
  15. I think moore probably gets dropped. If porche dont make the roster id be surprised. He will get picked up by another team instantly
  16. his only path to make the 53 as a rookie is by winning the returner job. No matter what, he won’t get cut. But it’s probably going to be returner or phantom IR-stashed.
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  17. im not sure we carry 6 WRs - think we may end up keeping only 5

    the other thing about jaleel scott and those jump balls/endzone fades is that they are low percentage routes and throws which means they're not likely in our playbook much at all

    would also be very hard for him to make an impact in that area if he's not active on gamedays
  18. id be surprised if he isnt our punt returner
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  19. maybe EDC can trade him, because I don't see Scott making the roster either.
  20. What does Willie Snead offer? I don't see much in him. His salary is guaranteed, which means we have to trade him to another team to free up 3.5M. He's been primarily a slot receiver and most of our WRs are also better off playing from the inside. I prefer to see what the young WRs offer and let them develop instead of playing a guy who’s only here for one more year.
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