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"What ifs"

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by purplepittabread88, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. For whatever reason, I thought that he tore his ACL in 2013 as well but that wasn't the case. Both years were complete shitshows overall though.
  2. was about to say the same thing - the injury is often used as an excuse as is the lack of talent (which was tbf truly dire) I think people forget how much of that season had been played before Joe got injured... pretty sure we were like 3 or 4 games under .500 before Joe even went down and

    that being said...

    the 2015 roster was pretty awful in general (the lack of talent added in the 2013, 2014 and 2015 drafts came to bare - outside of CJ Mosley, the only young talent we added in that 3 year period was Brandon Williams, Rick Wagner, Juice (obviously only a FB), Brent Urban (who spent the first 2 seasons injured), Timmy Jernigan (who we traded away), Zadarius Smith who of this list might have had the biggest impact in his rookie year in that 2015 season, Nick Boyle (who spent much of his early playing days in baltimore on the suspended lists)

    that's not a great collection of game-changing talent and it came to bare and we started adding more talent again from 2016 and the roster has got better steadily every year since - but that also includes joe being replaced by better talent too

    with joe's baltimore career the only real "what if" id be interested in is what if jimmy smith hadnt gone down in 2014
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  3. That Jimmy Smith what if might truly be the difference between another ring.
  4. Because it's been YEARS since we had a competent secondary to go with a nice pass-rush (and vice versa).
  5. yes, he tore his ACL in 2015. It was the Rams game (9th or 10th week of the season).
  6. What if we never drafted Jimmy Smith. What would @29BmoreBird22 screen name be?
  7. I wouldn't exist.
  8. I think the Matt Ryan question is interesting, but people who say he couldn't carry the Ravens are absurd because Matt Ryan had arguably the greatest playoff run to not win a Super Bowl in 2017. He was better than Joe was in 2012, statistically speaking.
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  9. well we can thank Jimmy or Ozzie that you do exist now, can't we.
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  10. all he needed was one more running play
  11. Literally kneel the ball if you don't want to risk a fumble. It was so easy.
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  12. Not sure its been brought up but I ALWAYS wonder "what if" Sergio Kindles ass didnt tumble down a flight of stairs.......

    I always picture Chevy Chases Gerald Ford impression lol (old people will get it)
  13. How about if Tom Brady is drafted by an NFC team. Do we have a two to three more Super Bowls.
  14. Yeah there were high hopes for Kindle, but the caution signs were up on him before the draft.
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  15. What if we drafted Everson Griffin instead. He was Kiper's best available for like 70 or 80 picks even before we picked Kindle. Then we picked Mt Useless. Ugh!!
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  16. What if we got the 42nd pick instead of Kindle at 43?
  17. Shhhiiiiiiiittttt we can still get him. #SIIE

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  18. #SIIE!!!!!
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  19. Draft What Ifs:

    2012: Instead of trading back with the Vikings who took Harrison Smith, we stay at 29 & Draft Smith ourselves. Considering we released Pollard just a month later in 2013, we would have been set at Strong Safety with Harrison taking over full time from Pollard in 2013. I imagine he gets some plays in as well his rookie year.
  20. What if we:
    Re signed zadarius Smith
    Traded Judon after 2018
    Signed Matthieu instead of earl
    Had cap space to sign clowney
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