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College Football 2020

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by rossihunter2, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. Thought it was about time for this thread with whatever the college season looks like getting closer and closer - some big conferences starting this weekend
  2. Let's go!

  3. this is going to be a problem - at one point during the broadcast you could see the fan rules written large on one side of the stadium (masks, social distancing etc.) and then on the other side of the screen was literally a mass of fans packed together in one stand with no social distancing and no masks or anything

    and then this is the scene outside

    in 2 weeks half the FSU roster is gonna have the virus simply from being on campus - something like 850 students have already tested positive before this weekend

    how have FSU let this happen... like i know tallahassee has a certain reputation but how can they not see this is a problem...???
  4. umm so it's interesting that my last post was about FSU and the pandemic because:

    their HC Mike Norvell has tested positive for coronavirus and will now not be coaching their 2nd game... im amazed its not been more than just the head coach
  5. SEC beginning - big day to see some 2021 NFL draft prospects for the first time
  6. Kyle Pitts would be a nice weapon for our offense
  7. looks awesome - physically so superior to everyone on defence - supreme athlete/weapon prospect from what ive seen so far
  8. i dont get how matt miller has a job and how anyone in the league would ever think highly enough of him to talk to him to give him that insider info...

    What a garbage take lol - they're both big and white and that's about the only similarity lol
  9. The draft community loves to criticize Kiper, but in reality Miller is even worse. Just unfollow him. Look what he wrote about Smith last year.
  10. lol kiper's the OG for a reason and I still think he's a worthwhile draft source - reliable insider info, a better understanding of what NFL teams are actually interested in, notably gets some fliers right but is honest about his misses

    and doesnt take his mocks particularly seriously - will often make teams in the 20s and 30s reach on guys who he wants to put in the national conversation who he thinks aren't being talked about enough

  11. air raid finally takes on the SEC and wins at the first attempt
  13. Jaylen Waddle making his case to be WR1 today - some absurd catches so far today
  14. Najee Harris vs Travis Etienne is gonna be tough to split - and ill agonise over it for ages this offseason despite the fact there's basically zero chance the ravens draft either of them lol
  15. We've had like 4 plays and less than a minute and already 2 INTs in this game lol
  16. @rossihunter2 I strongly strongly urge you to switch this thread to the draft section. It intertwines,

    Big 10 action is back!!!!!!!!! I just watched one hell of a game between my Nittany Lions and Indiana and jeezus what a fucking barnburner. Went into overtime with Indiana gutsily going for 2 with the GREAT Michael Penix Jr doing an outstretched reach just nicking the pylon. I still think it was a millimeter short where I thought the ball just touched the ground out of bounds before hitting the pylon but it was that damn close. Penix I like very much. Pin point accuracy with perfect spirals starting with the final regulation drive all the way to the end. If able you guys should check it out cuz I cant say enough. Good mobility and pocket awareness. Not sure if he locks onto WRs or not but was inconsistent before that final drive. Ugh!!! It doesnt hurt looking for another QB in case Lamar is unsignable or does start to slow down before 2nd contract.

    Not gonna post no more tonight but I'm gonna kick back and watch the obscure game of Boise St/Utah St. Gotta go blue fields right.
  17. in past years we've left this thread here because some people liked to watch and talk about college football without the draft bent but you may be right that it'd be better served in the draft section this year given the engagement levels

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