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Week 4 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by supertolerator, Sep 30, 2017.

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  1. This defense has given up 170+ rushing yards. A mean wtf.

    The offense looks worse than anything Cam Cameron ever had and that's saying a lot.
  2. Jefferson and Maclin regretting these decisions.
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  3. even then they only gave 3 points
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  4. We looked too good the first two weeks. The injury God's wouldn't allow it
  5. We'll be lucky to go 8-8 at this point. Flacco needs to get his head out of his fucking ass.
  6. This is legit gross. Everyone has left the stadium but Steelers fans. Can't believe I wasted so much money to travel and for tickets of this show.
  7. We are missing 2 starters on the line bud
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  8. somtimes i wonder if tony jefferson is just a slightly worse version of peak duwan landry.
  9. yeah its pretty hard when you are gassed and on the field the whole time as well as missing 2 of your 3 starting d linemen
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  10. Okay I can't wait for the pressers where Harbaugh repeats the same old shit and Flacco comes in all laid back and says they all need to do better next time. God screw them both!
  11. This loss is solely on joe.

    I have long been his biggest fan but I can't support this shit anymore. He has gradually gotten worse and shit is really coming to a head right now.

    Unfortunately we are still stuck at least until the 2019 offseason
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  12. Just suck for a high pick
  13. Well let's see what we make of that top 10 pick
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  14. Depressing because I predicted at a 10-6 record based on I felt the defense alone could get us 6 games.

    I really hate to see another 8-8 season, miss the playoffs but record too good to draft top 10 pick.
  15. Please not 8-8. 8-8 is an excuse for no changes and another year of 8-8.
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  16. if the fans want change...

    don't go to the stadium..show anger..we have a soft ass media ( aside from M.preston).
    make a statement
  17. oh trust me, it's not going to be 8-8. I have us losing out.
  18. We're in for a very long wait.
  19. Cmon man. Flacco is bad. Even with time he makes bad choices and inaccurate passes
  20. Anybody else see the obvious hold on the touchdown run.
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