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2021 NFL Head Coach and GM Openings

Discussion in 'Other NFL Teams' started by rmcjacket23, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. Not sure if a different thread is tracking this, but we're now up to 6 head coaching vacancies:

    In-season firings:
    Post-season firings:
    NY Jets
    LA Chargers

    Will see about others. Some of the more "rumored" coaches on hot seats, like Vic Fangio and Matt Nagy, and Doug Pederson, as seemingly sticking around. Zac Taylor is confirmed to be returning in Cincinnati also.

    Will see what happens in the coming days. This could be "it" in terms of firings for the time being, but there could be more to come.
  2. Matt Nagy was deemed "we'll see" in Glazer's pre-game HC analysis - depends on how they'll perform in the upcoming game(s).
  3. I think it'll be difficult to fire him with that roster and QB situation, but I could be wrong. Much easier to do had they not made the playoffs and finished with a worse record. And don't get me wrong... he sucks as a HC and should be gone.

    That team is royally screwed for the next few years. They have to make a decision on Trubisky this offseason, which will be brutal. If they pass on him, they'll need to sign somebody in FA, meaning you're getting an average guy to just try to make the same like 8-9 win run to the playoffs as this year.
  4. The Bears should fire Pace and Nagy if they decided to move on.
  5. Just moved this stuff into a new thread - feels like it needs it's own thread
  6. that chargers job has to be one of the most enticing

    22 yd old QB who's broken various rookie records, a team with lots of talent (a lot of which didn't play this year due to injury)

    they've got the 13th pick in the draft and are in good shape cap-wise

  7. classic spanos
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  8. I think Daboll, Bieniemy, and probably Saleh are locks to fill 3 of the 6 gigs, if they so choose. I think all 3 will pretty much have their pick of the litter. Art Smith will probably be a hot commodity also.
  9. He also as a rookie broke the Franchise Record for TDs in a single season surpassing Rivers and Fouts. Chargers definitely have the most attractive opening followed by Houston.
  10. Daboll will likely end up in LA as the Chargers Head Coach. Chargers GM Tom Telesco and Daboll went to High School together. Very similar situation Buffalo has now. I can see Bieniemy taking the Texans job while Michigan man Saleh getting the Lions job. As for the others, it's a toss up.
  11. PFT reporting that Gary Kubiak is expected to retire (again) this offseason. So it looks like Vikings will be in the market for a new OC.
  12. Dolphins parting ways with OC Chan Gailey.
  13. I took my post down. It was erroneous reporting. He's not fired.

    Some fake twitter account posted it and a couple networks, like ESPN, went with it.
  14. John Elway stepping aside as Broncos GM. He will take elevated role with the team. Broncos now looking to hire a General Manager.

  15. As someone who has a strong dislike for the Broncos, this disappoints me. I liked Elway as the GM to keep them down. Hopefully his GM hiring will be on par with his QB drafting.
  16. nope the thread wasn't up yet so this is good. Thanks for posting
  17. This would be the most Chargers thing ever....


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