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The 2021 Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. I would say it’s actually Tee Martin. At :12 it doesn’t look like Lamar whatsoever but instead like WR coach Tee.

    Check your messages btw brotha!
  2. That would be very cool if so! Also thanks my dude, I'll take care of that tonight.
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  3. Yep, having an energetic WR coach plus Keith Williams will drive this group to excellence. And no worries!
  4. really nice to see this
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  5. pretty sure that Tee's not allowed to do any offseason training with them per CBA rules

    almost 100% sure it's just some outside trainer - i dont recognise him though

    defo not lamar either though
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  6. Holy sh!t….

    The NFL announced Thursday that if a game cannot be rescheduled due to a COVID outbreak among unvaccinated players, the game will result in a forfeit for the team with the outbreak.

    With vaccination rates still below the 85 percent threshold on numerous teams, the NFL is stepping up its vaccination campaign. Any forfeited games would impact playoff seeding, just as a loss would. ESPN's Kevin Seifert also notes that in the event of a forfeit, neither team's players will receive their weekly salary. Forfeits would be a highly unwelcome outcome for fans and fantasy players alike.”

    -Rotoworld and Pelissero

  7. basically - if you're on the bubble you'd better get vaccinated or you're making the decision super easy if it's close vs someone else on the roster come cutdown day...
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  8. Or if it’s a star that causes an outbreak during the season, their reputation is fucked. Players will not be happy about losing money
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  9. that's partly why the bubble guys are screwed if they're not vaxxed because they only need 85% vax rate for normal working conditions and at 85% it becomes increasingly unlikely for it to be possible for an outbreak to occur (certainly for an outbreak to occur that would force a reschedule or postponement)
  10. Is this even legal in the US?
  11. Oh I’m sure it’ll get taken to court
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Having already had covid is>>>>> vaccine..
    Theyre basically forcing players to get the vaccine lol.. this is wild man
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  14. Lets be real. They aint gonna cancel a Chiefs, Bucs, Ravens, or Cowboys game. Money Talks.

    I call their bluff and raise ALL-IN! jk.

    I still find it comical how they had to bend over backwards to fit all of our games in during the covid outbreak.. when a week prior, they forced the Broncos to put in a practice squad WR to play QB for a game lol
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  15. You know if it wasn't for the excellent entertainment that is Lamar, we would have been in the same shit-uation that the Broncos were in. Even if we were on the cusp of playoffs, if we had Flacco, I'm beyond positive we would have been knocked
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  16. Stanley on the PUP
  17. Exactly. Lamar made us must-see TV. Watching Lamar these past 3 years actually F'ed up the dopamine I get from watching football. All non-Ravens football game just seems slow and boring to me now. Lamar is a gift and a curse.
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  18. Same here. Total 180 from how it was from 2013-first half of 2018 (with the exception of 2014 with Kubiak). Heck even with a piss poor offense in the early/mid 2000s we were exciting because of our defense. We were due.
  19. this is factually inaccurate on both counts
    1) Getting covid doesn’t necessarily give you lasting immunity - the vaccine provides a much more effective immune response to future contact with covid (whether you’ve had it or not)
    2) the players aren’t being forced to get the vaccine
    Torrey Smith probably puts it best:
  20. I mean it was pretty clearly about the fact that we had an active outbreak - nothing to do with market size or entertainment... they moved the Titans game too

    the broncos didn’t have an outbreak, they just had 1 position group get pinged by contact tracing all at once

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