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The 2021 Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. I think we’ve always had the roster. We’ve made countless mistakes in those games that cost us the W
  2. First game we had them beat and the Chiefs pulled a win out of their hat. The last two they outplayed us completely. I think we have a better chance this year, but we are playing them at a bad time. Mahomes hasn't lost or thrown an interception in September, since becoming the starter. I guess their is always a first, why not be against us.
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  3. They didn’t pull anything out, Chris Moore just played like the dumbfuck he is
  4. what do you mean? I don't remember what he did.
  5. He had a dumb drop or something like that on a crucial play. I think it was a TD play
  6. i don’t see a 4 man rush that will allow us to play the proper coverages to stop them. We’re cover 1/0 defense and that’s mostly out of necessity, unless Owehs development is on steroids I don’t really see it this year either, win a shootout or lose basically.
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  7. There are more ways to beat them than one my friend
  8. i mean that's part of it - but they also this year had a clear game plan to victimise our inexperienced rookie LB in the passing game
  9. I mean... is there though? that claim hasn’t exactly been proven.

    they did, but they also had another core game plan, drop mahomes as deep as possible and look for a crease in the deep secondary, and they found one often
  10. There’s a reason they’ve never been 16-0, I mean Christ the Raiders beat them last year and I wouldn’t call their defense anything near spectacular
  11. Well there’s always the “hope like hell your team gets off the bus and theirs doesn’t” gameplan lol
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  12. You can say that again Joey Flex 5!
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  13. See, that’s the issue. The psychological war is already lost as soon as you see the Chiefs on the schedule. Of course you’ll lose any time that happens. They aren’t unstoppable. Most of the time teams beat themselves when they play them, a la the 49ers and even the Texans in 2020.
  14. most of the time they start out bad and
    Just turn it up..
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  15. Raiders beat them but that win meant nothing lmao.. they still made the SB lol.
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  16. And lost. To a team who wasn’t having their BS. Because they were led by a guy named Tom Brady who led them to not be so damn scared, so instead of losing the game before it ever started, they found a way to get the W. You guys are treating them like they’re the best damn team to ever grace the face of earth. Bullshit
  17. Nah, they just match up really well against our defense.

    I totally think the chiefs are beatable, but they are a year removed from being SB champs, months removed from a sb appearance. That doesn’t happen because teams beat themselves, they earned their reputation with a different QB, elite skill players, an offensive genius HC, an elite front four, and an elite safety tandem.

    they definitely get in your head, but the chiefs are pretty clearly the best bet to become the next dynasty and they didn’t luck into that.
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  18. that's the playoffs. Our problem with them, atleast the last two games is that they started off very good and it took us out of our game plan.
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  19. This, I think it’s key this year that we just be patient on defense, don’t go for the 3 and out every time, make them drive on you, if you call a defensive gameplan that allows them to score in 2 minute possessions, then you’re playing right into their hands.

    force them to methodically move down the field, try to make them hit a wall when the field starts to shrink, pick your blitz sparingly, when you do this even semi successfully you slow the game down and allow your run game to stay relevant, and if you’re going well on offense then come fourth quarter they’re gonna be depending on mahomes heroics for a win.

    that was the difference between 2018, and 19-20
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  20. Yeah the game in 2018 felt like our defense was winning the game for us. The running game complimented it very well. It took that Mahomes Magic to beat us..............in OT.

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