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The 2021 Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. I could barely throw a tight spiral if my life depended on it. My hand is just too small as I'm 5'3". I would always be lined up at WR when playing with friends because I'm fast or was fast as shit.
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  2. Do not throw a perfect spiral myself at 5'1"!
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  3. Same man. I’m 5’5”. Could never fully fit my hand around an NFL size ball. I was the slot guy because I was as quick/agile as shit (not exactly the fastest in a straight line though), could run a damn solid route and was competitive as shit on the football field. Oddly I never had any trouble catching it, just couldn’t get a good enough grip to throw it
  4. I remember playing with friends up the street. We used two lawns and the driveway as the end zone. Well I remember on numerous occasions just laying out for it on the driveway knowing full well my knees would be scratched up. It certainly didn't matter if I came down with the ball.
  5. Hear that. I’ve got scars on both knees and on my wrist just from backyard football and backyard basketball. Too much diving for the ball, but damn if I didn’t get them
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  6. I'm always excited for preseason but I'm super pumped for this one. It's like a double preseason. I wanna see all of our new guys and especially the last 2 draft classes.
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  7. lets not forget this is Hollywoods first real offseason also. When he was drafted he was injured and didn't any practice in until the middle of training camp.

    So Hollywood and the 2020 and 2021 rookies are getting their first OTA practice in.
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  9. Totally forgot about that. Wtf. Well I'm glad he's getting it now at least!
  10. Just goes to show how hard of a worker he is. A lot of his progress and his health comes from his own work (which his own work is well chronicled and on display)
  11. classic
  12. We would play games right in the middle of our road and use the sides of the road as sidelines. I still remember full sending it one time on my back to catch this small-ass Nerf Vortex football; it hurt like hell, but I got the interception so it was totally worth it lol
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  13. exactly. We would use a k-2 or k-4. I really could rip these balls, especially the k-2
  14. Not going to lie. Was hoping we'd try to get James cheap when I heard he was cut. Surprised we actually made the move. Lets' go.
  15. I did as well, but I never thought the contract would be this reasonable. Hell, it's almost like he is paying us

  16. this feels like the obvious progression with Dobbins and an obvious evolution for the offence - take advantage of those running downs and get Dobbins involved on screens and as a checkdown and out in the flats and get him in space vs a LB

    will be interested to see if we see any evidence of him working with Keith Williams at all this offseason

  17. for those worried about spirals

    this is the exact same play to the exact same receiver that sparked that initial conversation only to the other sideline and this is absolutely fine

    just think it all got completely blown out of proportion

  18. Really looking forward to the RB passing game this year. Great way to add an extra wrinkle!
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  19. It should have never been an issue, but people want to criticize every little thing when it comes to Lamar. Does he throw some ducks on occasion? Absolutely. That doesn't mean he does it consistently and it's rarely shown up in actual games. Lamar will be fine and I was never worried.
  20. Lamar’s just testing the hands and judgment of his receivers when he throws the ducks

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