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The 2021 Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. Wouldn't be the worst idea TBH. Would let Lamar know who to trust out there to make a play lol
  2. Lol which is why he trusts Andrews/Hollywood much more than the others (at least in the past lol)
  3. Really excited about this year because obviously we're a good team, but we have a lot of young players. If these guys can take steps forward, we should win a lot of games. My prediction for the season is our MVP like player outside of Lamar will be JK Dobbins. I think that dude has a chance to just be an animal this year.
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  4. Man honestly I’m expecting a league leading type season from him, not just hopeful but flat out expecting bare minimum top 3 in yards and YPC and would be disappointed if he fell shy of that.
  5. I feel the same way too except gus and also lamar will get carries. Wont be able to get top 3 in yards cause of that.
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  6. Eh it definitely shows in games. The int at Tennessee is one example that comes to mind. However, i don’t think it’s as big an issue as people make it. Your never going to have a perfect player that does everything. I’ll trade 2-3 ducks a game for his ability to rush for 100 yards in the same game. Lamar will never be a pure passer like Rodgers, Manning, Wilson etc… but he is still a good passer and so dynamic in other ways that it doesn’t matter.

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  7. I think you’re underestimating just how well I think he’s gonna do. I’m talking big workload across 17 games and 5, maybe even 6 YPC. Lots of big runs, cj2k type shit
  8. just look at his average from when he took over the starting role in week 9 and now he will be a bigger receiving option also
  9. except the INT at Tennessee is the only one anyone can think of from last year...
    can you remember any others?
    because i cant think of any...

    because he's definitely not throwing 2-3 ducks per game
  10. JK's the most explosive back we've had since RR and maybe more explosive

    the idea of what he might have been able to do in that 2019 offence is amazing to think of tbh

    if the running game can continue to be effective the way it has been, he adds explosive plays from the RB position and while i still dont think the volume will be high enough for him to go crazy like CJ2K, i fully expect him to lead the league (or be very close to the top of the league) in YPC with a ton of yards overall

  11. duv looks hella explosive in this small drill

    he's a wildcard that im not expecting to become a route-runner but ive seen a couple of releases going back over his tape in 2020 that show off some nice explosion and upside vs press

    route tree still tiny but if he can become a consistent threat running slants and posts etc. on top of being a threat on manufactured touches in the short game then he can add another dimension to this passing game - and if he does start becoming effective on those sorts of routes then boykin's days are 100% done as a WR in baltimore
  12. i hope so.. i plan on getting him in my fantasy this year again but may pick him earlier than expected lol. Got henry 3yrs in a row and won 2, i doubt they let me get him again
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  13. Really? I always find it interesting when fans can’t be honest with themselves about their teams players. Lamar throws a couple ducks every game, the Tenn INT came to mind because of how poor a throw it was in a big moment.

    Lamar is still an amazing Qb that can get it done through the air and on the ground. More than capable of leading the team to a championship. I just don’t understand why it upsets people so much to bring up any flaw in his game. The guy struggles to throw a tight spiral …. Big deal. Like i said earlier he makes up for it in other ways.

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  14. I mean, big runs maybe. But like Chris Johnson had 250+ carries for 6 straight years in Tennessee. Dobbins won't get close to that. He's still sharing time with Edwards, and we collectively are also expecting more passing plays compared to running plays.

    He'd have to average at least 15 carries a game to get that kind of value, and I don't think he'll get there. That's the peak of what we saw from him last season.

    I can see him breaking off some 15,20,25 yard runs, but CJ2K was breaking off like a 50-60 yarder or more almost every game. I don't see Dobbins doing that with nearly that frequency.
  15. but like which plays?
    im not saying he doesnt miss throws but i cant think of any ducks other than the Tenn INT...

  16. well davontae harris might still be making the team...
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