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The 2021 Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Jan 17, 2021.

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  1. I'm not saying you're wrong at all, just if you're right that would really be great for us. I'm really pulling for him!
  2. he's a classic great late round pick - a guy who might never be spectacular but has the chance to be long-term successful and especially in a draft class full of question marks i'm surprised we were allowed to get him
  3. We'll take it! Any chance he's actually a starter over Odafe early in the season if we don't bring in Houston?
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  4. Now let me add that he likely won’t ever put up eye popping sacks or pressures, but he’s got the goods to be a quality OLB, and make an impact early. Expect him to blow up screens, bat down some balls between the hashes and flats, and with the ravens coaching id also expect some quality bump and run zone coverage, being disruptive in the 5 yard window to prevent free releases, that sort of thing.

    One thing I think we are gonna have in spades now, is quality edge defense, not edge rush but just quality fundamental defense out there with high motor guys, guys will squeeze, crash, backside pursuit, 2 gap that outermost blocker and force the play to the closed up side of the front, I think the run defense has done a complete 180 from 2019 where the stretch runs absolutely boned us, these guys don’t allow that kinda shit.
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  5. Maybe he and Odafe are actually just amazing complimens. Seems pretty lucky.
  6. Love that word, “complimens”… a very good new term to describe when two players complement each other well. You’re on to something!!
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  7. Lol
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  8. my guess is the starters are pernell mcphee and odafe oweh (purely because of running downs) and that we'll see a ton of Tyus (obviously - who's basically the starter in everything but name) and tons of daelin too

    i think daelin and mcphee both offer us some interior pass rush possibilities that mean they can get on the field in combination - its possible we see packages with all 4 guys on the field at once

    i really wouldnt worry about who's the starter at EDGE because last year the top snapping EDGE guys (Judon and Tyus) only played just over 50% of the snaps over the season...

    and the 3rd and 4th guys both played a ton
    our 6th OLB (in snaps), Jihad Ward, played 25% of the season's snaps despite missing multiple games on the inactives list...

    in terms of snaps, I'm expecting the end season snaps to look something like this (as it stands before any veteran addition):
    Tyus Bowser
    Odafe Oweh
    Pernell McPhee
    Daelin Hayes
    Jaylon Ferguson

    with Hayes and Ferguson potentially interchangeable depending on how quickly Hayes develops and whether Ferguson can overcome his poor edge discipline vs misdirection
  9. and i think Wink wants those guys because he knows that ultimately he can manufacture some pass rush especially with Queen at MLB and Chuck at S but you can't make up for losing the EDGE in the running game
  10. Yup, plus if there’s two things you can’t manufacture, it’s high iq plays, and Uber athletic plays. Hayes appears capable of one and Oweh the other.
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  11. It's great seeing Tavon back on the field - with his history I'm not expecting us to rely on him or even really plan around him necessarily but him being back on the field is a massive bonus and we'll see how long it lasts

    he's snake-bitten but so talented

    and also sounds like Averett's been getting his hands on the ball too - and if he starts doing that then this CB corps is somehow even more stacked than it was going into last year
  12. also sounds like, as per usual every year, defence is ahead of offence right now (which really is the norm for this time of year)

  13. it'd be a lot of guys to carry at CB/DB generally but Dorsey's got a shot and so does Davantae Harris simply because they're gonna be favourites in that gunner competition

  14. is it possible for someone to post/message me the words to this piece - baltimore sun's unreadable in the UK atm
  15. I was just about to say after reading the tweet that he and Harris looked to have some real potential last year
  16. Of course....the team whose success is proportionately inverted to us.
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