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Week 9 Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Nov 5, 2017.

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  1. I would rather have Gannon come back from retirement and lead us right now!
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  2. Atlanta is the only team that qualifies for his conditions.
  3. #3 is likely to happen anyway.

    #2. He's familiar with Joe. It'd make sense for him to come back. He probably thinks Joe can be a redemption arc for him.

    #1. Defense is fine. Offense needs some scheme work and personel, but we were able to fix the offense with Gary here in the past.

    #4 is the only real problem I see. Especially since Jensen isn't necessarily a fit.
  4. Was that about to be a QB draw? LOL
  5. Urgency Flacco
  6. This offense fucking sucks
  7. so joe's an idiot because if he looks up there and calls the snap we can pitch and catch to buck allen who was uncovered for ages until the titans called a timeout
  8. Nice
  9. Fuck it Joe there was a wide open receiver
  10. That throw was still behind Wallace. My goodness
  11. I predicted a garbage TD and a botched onside kick. Only one prediction yet to be proven true.
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  12. I know it was a td but that shit was executed horribly.
  13. This could have been a game winning drive...
  14. i cant remember ever seeing us recover an onside kick
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  15. Why can't we play like this with more than two minutes on the clock ?
  16. and they just showed the stat - it hasnt happened since 2001 after 259 games
  17. Fitting way to end it
  18. Okay there goes the ball game.
  19. Can't blame Tuck. He never should've been in that position
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  20. He always trying to be too cute with his onside kicks. Just kick a real onside and try to hustle dammit.
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