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Week 9 Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Nov 5, 2017.

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  1. I mean... There's no Aaron Rodgers so that's something.
  2. Well at least Perriman knows we're in a hurry
  3. Jaam just posted an article in offensive systems thread that kubiak wants to return to coaching as OC again
  4. in the 2 minute offence and we literally cant even get the routes run right - or our best receivers on the field
  5. Pass down the middle again? with time running out and 10 points down?
  6. Yeah, I want to see both of them get playing time on defense.
  7. What really worries me is that Biscotti already voiced his support and we know Harbs is just going to double down on his belief that this team can do great things.
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  8. Just take a knee this idiot won't throw for a first down.
  9. Never seen the ball thrown to a rb more then the ravens do. Even the commentator sees this.
  10. Man this offense is just God awful!
  12. Get him a contract!

    As long as there won't be any ill effects on his health.
  13. Take the three right now, hope for the onside or something
  14. Harbaugh saying go go. When have they ever displayed urgency lol.
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  15. 2 minutes to glory!
  16. Harbaugh yelling to run up and get a snap while the offense has no sense of urgency. Harbs is officially losing the locker room.
  17. He'll be in the booth a decent amount I think as an OC so that will be fine. Only thing I'd be worried about is us going back to the Zone. Maybe we can keep Roman and combine their run game genius or something
  18. I'm tired of these best friends controlling the teams. Imagine if we took the points like we should have, we'd have 2 time outs and would only need 7 to tie it
  19. if that is actually true, Steve needs to throw as much money as possible at him
  20. Offense just having a leisurely stroll in the park.
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