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Way-Too-Early Prospect Watch: 2022

Discussion in '2021 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, May 1, 2021.

  1. It's that time already lol...

    Kayvon Thibodeaux - 2022 best player in the draft and (pending QB evals) the number 1 pick in 2022...
  3. big year for sam howell - just lost 4 major offensive weapons
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  4. Tyler Davis, DL out of Clemson
  5. With our WR room loaded now..

    this will be a weird draft for me.

    who and what position will I crush on now?

    I’m a lost soul.
  6. #TankForThibodeaux lol jk. I feel next year's QB class is going to be wide open unless someone does what Burrow did and throw for 60 Touchdowns in a single season. I think if we don't re-sign Andrews then Tight End may be something we have to look at next year. Jalen Wydermyer might be the best TE coming out next year but we probably won't be in range to draft him, easily Top 15 pick, Top 10 even especially after Pitts just went inside the top 5.
  7. probably still the WRs lol
  8. don’t use Pitts as a guide for other tight ends - Pitts is an outlier based on his generational talent and athleticism at the position
  9. I really hope we sign Andrews, though it may be tricky with Lamar getting more expensive. My gut says that getting younger and cheaper along DL will be a high priority in the next draft.
  10. Andrews is a tricky situation. He's had some damn good games, but he's also been awful in the playoffs. If push cones to shove, I'm okay with him being a cap casualty.

    Given the age of some of our starting d-linemen that has to be a priority position next off-season.
  11. DeMarvin Leal and Thayer Munford are my guys next season, but I doubt we'll be picking high enough. Also add Garrett Wilson to the list.
  12. I'm curious to see where Rattler goes in the draft, if he declares. Obviously we don't need him but he has a pretty high ceiling.
  13. Supposed to be a very good DL draft next year. That is probably where we will focus on next season, with guys like Campbell and BWill hitting free agency. We've needed to get younger there for years.
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  14. I don't think you mean cap casualty, as he would be a free agent.

    In regards to the 2019 playoffs he wasn't completely healed from an injury he had in week 16 against the Browns. I wouldn't hold that against him and with our limited talent at the skill position, teams have been able to clog the middle of the field to take away Andrews.

    I also believe Andrews is a top 6 TE in this league and we shouldn't let him go. At the very least, franchise him in 2022 and work on a long term contract. We can't let him get away. Chemistry like Lamar and Mark have doesn't grow on trees.
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  15. Edge. Always egde, regardless the need lol
  16. looking into the 2022 draft, we need DL and RT. Campbell and BWill are free agents and everyone is getting old outside of Madubuike. AV was only signed to a two year contract and I'm not sure if he will be kept past 2021 yet anyway.

    The 2022 draft is supposed to be a very good DL draft as well and I believe we will double dip.
    #16 RavensMania, May 8, 2021
    Last edited: May 8, 2021
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  17. I only meant to name the position that is the funniest for me to watch.
    But you're no doubt spot on with future needs.
    That means we hopefully have good chances to find our men.
  18. While picking WR in the first three years in a row is usually a bad strategy, if George Pickens falls because of his injury he'd be a hell of a steal. Best jump ball wr in next year's group. Really physical. Is big and plays bigger.
  19. If, right now, I had to pick the 1st rounder next year I'd go RT, which is fortunate because there are some good options.

    I like Evan Neal (6'7 360) and Darian Kinnard (6'5 345). Both are solid at pass pro, but specialise in the run game. Gotta keep adding giants to our o line!
  20. DL, OL, edge, secondary.

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