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Way-Too-Early Prospect Watch: 2022

Discussion in '2022 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, May 1, 2021.

  1. well it wouldn't be 3 yrs in a row, since last year we picked Queen, but it would be 3 in 4 years.
  2. After watching Sam Houston St beat SD St in the FCS championship game you gotta add Jacqezz Ellard WR to the list. Not big on size but plays big and got a set of mitts.
  3. #91 at Notre Dame looks good
  4. ogundeji was in this year's draft class and got picked only 11 spots behind daelin - he looked really stiff and unathletic to me but definitely showed up at the point of attack with some strength and length - showed some nice hand usage at times
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  5. I didn't check him too closely. was watching for Hayes and #91 seemed to be the guy my eyes were drawn to instead
  6. they worked well in tandem as a 2 with JOK behind them - those were the 3 guys who caught my eyes watching ND on defence
  7. Loved ogundeji as a 5tech, has real pass rush potential in a less traditional pass rush role.
  8. hopefully we aren't looking too closely at the top WRs in 2022 lol or something's gone really wrong but Metchie looks like potentially the next one in a longer and longer line of Bama 1st round WRs and Chris Olave was a guy i was sure was gonna come out and be a late 1st/early 2nd type guy who i imagine is hoping he gets the devonta smith type boost in 2021 by going back

  9. Jordan Davis is popping for me, huge, strong, crazy anchor, needs to be double-teamed and is great against the run. Could see him being our shiny new NT next season
  10. His motor is extremely hit and miss from what I’ve watched on tape, and I’ve read/heard a lot of the same, apparently he’s got big effort concerns. But you are correct, when he’s flashing he’s REALLY flashing.
  11. How do y’all feel about Charles cross? I can’t decide on him at all. I love Kenyon green, I like linderbaum but obviously worry about his size, Zion Nelson has the tools to be an absolute stud, tyron smith type of guy, none of the lists seem to have him in the top ten but I see a top ten tackle on tape
  12. TDN mock generator is live for 2022
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  13. i will not be looking at it until 2022 too
  14. You’re a stronger man than I, sir.
  15. Funnily enough that was the same criticism of Ngata. Normally I prefer focusing guys that naturally have that intensity, but we tend to be good at getting guys to put in the extra effort.
  16. i dont enjoy them unless i know the players lol - and there's no way i know enough of the players before 2022
  17. It helps me learn players. I see players available to us at each round and watch tape.

    Of course my idea of where players are viewed is all fucked up, but I can also make my own judgements based on film lol
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  18. i think this year was the way i liked it best (in terms of seeing less media bias when doing my grading and stuff) - i basically started by going through a load of the senior bowl guys which helped for 2 reasons: 1) i didnt automatically just start at the top of the list and see players get progressively worse the whole way through the process and 2) it meant i actually knew who most of the guys were and what to look for when doing their drills at the senior bowl

    but that requires me to not have watched much tape before the CFB playoffs have started when you start to get a lot of guys declaring and a lot of guys accepting/declining senior bowl invites

    it'll probably also help me that i wont be desperate to start with the WRs like i usually am lol
  19. If we lose Bozeman this offseason with no obvious replacement...

    John Michael Schmitz at C for Minnesota looks like he's very interesting from what ive seen so far - very mobile - havent seen enough to know if he'll maul anyone yet though

    but certainly one i think ill be paying attention to come next spring
  20. This is the one.


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