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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Raiders Week 1 Edition

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Sep 14, 2021 at 12:03 AM.

  1. I seriously thought they were trolling but holy sh!t Ale is absolutely awful. I haven’t seen a Tackle play that bad in a while
  2. Well we did see Roman make adjustments last year to help out both Tyre and Fluker. I would expect same. One game sample sizes just aren't big enough to draw any intelligent conclusions.
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  3. My biggest hope is that we see enough tragedy on film this week to make the needed adjustments
  4. probably a combination of not being good and also switching sides - his set depth was all over the place which you wouldnt expect (even if he sucked) at LT - he just wasnt getting any depth on his vertical sets
  5. It says a lot that Ronnie Stanley is the only first round pick on the offensive line. It also says a lot that the last IOL we drafted in the first was Ben Grubbs way, way, way back in 2007. Defensive Line is the same way, we keep using these mid round picks instead and we constantly get overpowered in the trenches. Need to address both lines next year, Lamar looked good and the receivers looked good when the line held up. Time to protect our future $30M+ a year investment.
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  6. All of the main negatives from this game can be fixed.

    Murray will get comfortable with the scheme with time, so will become a more capable foil for Williams, who looked good.

    The pass rush can improve because Houston only just got here and Oweh will get better with experience.

    Even if Villanueva never gets better, at some point he'll have Nick Boyle next to him. Hell, doesn't Boyle grade out as a pretty effective tackle himself most years?

    We have lows like this every season it seems, and the coaches fix it. Just getting it out of the way early this year.
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  7. I can’t remember the last successful screen pass we’ve had
  8. It’s really unfortunate Lamar fumbled twice because he carried this patchwork offense to 27 points in a tough road environment. I still can’t get over our defense choking 3x
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  9. Eh just watch the 2014 Ravens-Patriots choke fest and you’ll get over the defensive choke from last night
  10. Bro I'm still not over that
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  11. That had to be Tongue in Cheek. He sure can run that herky jerky thang. He can run that thang, but he has not been able to demonstrate he can read a defense and throw like an NFL QB. Imagine Jackson pops a tendon this year, would he have any viable trade value at all? The answer is clearly no. Not gonna get into the receivers he overlooked Monday Night, because he was just as likely to miss them with a properly read toss. The Ravens need to get what the can for Jackson soon, before the novelty the league sees completely wears off. Get some value and select the next Raven's Franchise QB. Its time.

    Noted Humpf got turned around on the game winning Touchdown. Getting turned is Humpfs achilles heel. An inability to be an NFL QB is both Jacksons and the Raven's Achilles heel. Someone up there needs to take note before its too late.
  12. That's the thing, the ones I talked to specifically about Villanueva, call it like they see it. I've mentioned them before, but there's a YT channel named AFC North Talk. The Steelers fan even discussed that it was a very strange thing to do to sign him at RT knowing he's had more experience at LT.
  13. This. The bad wasn't just bad on offense. It was DOWN HORRIFIC bad. If we were decent throughout the game without much bad, I don't think he makes the adjustments.
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  15. im not worried about the interior so much - zeitler had not a great outing but otherwise it's ok - the worry is the tackles and pass pro

  16. i was watching that steelers OL on Sunday and i was comforted by how poor their OL was - and then i look here and i see we had the exact same PBWR lol
  17. Absolutely incredible. Had Allen, Mahomes or even Kyler did that, the internet would break and SAS would be on their nuts
  18. I was really impressed with Lamar to start the game. I think things kind of got away from him for a bit, but that's to be expected when the pocket was getting destroyed as hard as it was. In the Super Bowl, Mahomes was pressured on about 53% of his drop backs and the narrative was that the offensive line cost them the game and Mahomes shouldn't shoulder blame for what the offensive line did. Lamar is pressured on 55% of his drop backs and the narrative is, "Lul, running back." Of course, double standards and all, but it's frustrating.

    I will say, I'm cautiously optimistic that the offensive line can figure it out. I actually think the interior offensive line, including Zeitler, were individually fine. I don't think they were great or showing 2019 levels of play, but they were far from the issue. And I can forgive Stanley given this was his first game in like 10 months. My hope is very much that the Ravens will keep their average interior play, Stanley gets healthy, and then the Ravens figure out how to cover up for Villaneuva because unfortunately, that's your guy for the rest of the season, in all likelihood. I do think if Nick Boyle is healthy, the Ravens probably just insert him right next to Villa for most of the game, but unfortunately, he wasn't, and won't be for a bit, so it's likely going to be very rough for a couple of weeks until Boyle gets healthy.

    I've seen a lot of people talk about how Ty'son played really well and why wasn't he in more? Two things- 1. I'm not sure the Ravens trusted him with the RPO offense. I believe the one fumble Lamar had was at the mesh point with Williams in (could be wrong). Ty'son very likely did not work with Lamar much, if at all, during the offseason, so it's understandable that they'll need time to work out the kinks of the RPO. 2. Ty'son was a very big reason for both Lamar strip sacks as he missed both blocks. So far, he's straight ass as a pass blocker. I don't know that Murray is great, but I do think he was at least better than Ty'son. I would imagine the Ravens view Bell as the answer to their pass blocking woes in the backfield. Historically, Bell has been a good pass blocker, but he was really bad on the Chiefs. Was that an effort thing because he was unhappy with his role? Did he just give up? Is he washed? I don't know. Most Jets fans think he looked good given the circumstances, so maybe the Chiefs were a fluke? Let's hope so.

    I want to preface this next part by saying two things. 1. The Ravens lost Marcus Peters on Thursday. I believe the Ravens traveled on Saturday or Sunday, so that means the Ravens likely did one last full walk through on Friday/Saturday. The Ravens could not have changed up the defense for week one on such short notice. Unfortunately, the defense the Ravens had planned was contingent on a healthy duo of Peters and Humphrey and when one went down, that was just really tough luck. 2. It's really hard to make adjustments on the fly. Peyton talked about this on the ESPN2 cast, but you work all week on a game plan for a game and you draw up your set plays and what you're going to call situationally. It's not easy to make "halftime adjustments." You have 15 minutes to make changes at halftime. You really think coaches can work through 30 minutes of game time and relay the necessary changes to their players in 15 minutes? Don't expect wholesale changes mid game. Tweaks, sure. But what you practiced all week is what you're going to get. Again, very unfortunate because the defense was game planned based on the thought that Marcus Peters would be healthy.

    With all of that said, the defense was straight ass. I really had high hopes for Tavon, but it seems three season ending injuries really took their toll. And to be fair to Young, if we're going to give Stanley a pass, Tavon should get a bit of one, too, but the Ravens were down Peters and Jimmy already; they really needed Tavon to step up big and he just straight did not. That was rough.

    The pass rush is still such a mega concern. It's frustrating to see the Ravens pour an abundance of resources into bloated contracts or high picks for the defense only for it to come up so short so consistently. Send a full house blitz? Rush four? Anything in between? It felt like the Ravens could simply not get home. The sack that Oweh got (very excited about him) was purely a coverage sack. Don't get me wrong- Oweh showed an absurdly high motor and speed to get to Carr on the play, but that sack wasn't the Ravens pass rush being good- it was the coverage holding up so well. The kryptonite for the offense was the offensive line, obviously. The defense has the pass rush. Those are two hugely important areas that the Ravens need to figure out if they're going to do anything of note this season. The Ravens very well could be 0-2 on Monday and given the back half of the schedule, the Ravens don't have an abundance of time to get things figured out.

    One thing I haven't seen talked about, but with 8:30 to go in the first half, Carr had 17 net passing yards on four drives. The Ravens subsequently allowed 10 points on two drives and Carr finished those two drives with 97 net passing yards. He easily goes over 100 and it's 14 points if Tavon Young doesn't PI the wide receiver, but I do think that was the right play, so no complaints there.

    However, what really bothers me is the fact that the Ravens allowed 17 points on three drives in the fourth quarter, including allowing the Raiders to get 40 yards in two plays over the course of 30 seconds in the fourth. There's 37 seconds left and the Raiders have zero timeouts. How many teams would feel uncomfortable given those circumstances? Even though the Raiders had carved up the Ravens on the prior two drives, I still felt good. Of course, the Raiders hit two massive throws over the middle and kicked the 55 yard field goal. It just capped a horrendous fourth quarter for the Ravens. And let's be real- had Stephens not made a miracle tackle, it would have been 24 points on four drives to close out the game for the Ravens. I'm just baffled at how bad the Ravens situational defense was this game. First and third quarter? Great. Half and game coming to a close? Absolute choke job. I mean, seriously- Carr had almost 300 passing yards in the second half/OT. That's INSANE.

    Everyone knows I love me some Marlon Humphrey. I stanned for him before anyone else on this forum. He was my 2017 draft crush. However, everyone clowned Earl Thomas for giving up on the Nick Chubb touchdown run when Thomas really had no chance of catching Chubb. Marlon straight gave up on that play and he likely could have made a play had he given it full effort. That's inexcusable to me given the circumstances. I get he was likely tired and he had some cramps earlier, but that's game on the line OT football and he just straight up let the play go. Marlon is a world class athlete and a near Olympic level sprinter- he could have potentially made a play on that throw.

    On the bright side, I think Lamar looked markedly improved. Sammy Watkins and Hollywood Brown, while not Deandre Hopkins or Devante Adams, looked like starting caliber wide receivers. Patrick Queen seems to be playing faster and looser. He's still not amazing, but things are starting to click for him. Anthony Averrett really surprised me. He didn't really stand out in a massive positive or negative way for me, but that's a definite improvement in my book.

    This really was a game the Ravens should have won, but they didn't and it really may come back to haunt the Ravens. What should have been, in my opinion, a 3-1 start to the season to set the Ravens up for a brutal schedule on the back half is now looking very murky.
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  19. well written @29BmoreBird22 and welcome back. Hopefully we will see you more on the boards. It's good to have both you and @Truth back in the nest.
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  20. Baldy really needs to compare and contrast what Action Jackson did in this clip with the Raven's last position with a 3rd down and 7 to go. In both clips Jackson handles the ball like its a hot potato. The lack of Jacksons Ball Security is one of the reasons the Ravens lose games like this that they were in position to win. And as well as Jackson runs that thang, he's far more incompetent in seeing the man and throwing the rock. Thats with either the Ravens guy or to their guy, Baldy forgets the episodes where Jackson is agitated after miscues and the end of the game where he's laying prone on the astroturf, face down into the weave, dead to the team knowing that once again, he's been careless with the ball and its cost another game. Sure he can do some good things. They would be even more remarkable things if he could do them as a receiver or running back.

    Then there's Jackson tweets. Sure he's upset and has some right to be, but read what he is alleged to have tweeted. To his credit, in hindsight, he does consider ball security. Who thinks he'll keep it in mind going forward? Anyone?

    Lamar Jackson steaming over 'f*** a** fumbles' that set up Raiders win over Ravens (msn.com)

    Once again, what do you believe Lamar Jackson's trade value to be?
    #240 The Last Great Raven, Sep 15, 2021 at 5:36 AM
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2021 at 5:53 AM

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