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Week 15 Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

Discussion in '2017 Game Threads' started by RavensMania, Dec 15, 2017.

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  1. Buck!
  2. Ya the Browns defense has quit
  3. Buck again!
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  5. I am liking this score, but not so much in the Dolphins v Bills game
  6. Doesnt matter, the Bills lose next week to the Pats. I am not sure if that loss matters but that is a thing that happens.
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  7. Keep winning out here Ravens. Colts up next, the Luck-less Colts.
  8. I like that Joe is using the hard count more
  9. Win!
  10. And the hay is in the barn.
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  11. Any win is a good win.
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  12. Keep rolling, keep rolling, keep rolling.
  13. Internet connexion was crappy here, but happy we won a pretty easy game
  14. wish greedy harbs would never take points off the board. hate when he goes for it on 4th down when in fg range
  15. I don't know about *easy*
  16. Aaand most wrong comment of the week goes to:

  17. I imagine people have already mentionned this, but on the 1 yard line it makes sense. You either score or pin your opponent in a tough situation where he'll have to play it safe and just hope to punt it without taking a safety or worse. So you make your opponent punt and then you get the ball back into field goal range. Execution was poor but it wasn't a bad decision to go for it.
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  18. i understand the theory if we had yanda and lewis but in this case i take the 3
  19. I get you. I just don't think there really is a wrong answer.
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  20. I fully expect us to lose one of the next couple of games at home to either the Colts and/or the Bengals. Yet, I also fully believe we are going to make the playoffs. The prospect of the Bills beating the Patriots is far more obscene to me than the prospect of us losing to the Colts at home. Hail Ravens!
    I also expect us to win at least 2 games in the playoffs to set up a match up for the Conference Championship game at either Pittsburgh or NE. Either one we have a real shot at winning. SB tickets anybody??
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